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I found the first parts of Spore great, and I quickly went into space after playing it the first day. It was then I became bored. I dislike how the hardest part of a mission for me is actually finding the damn planet I have to go to. (If theres like some way to like, list all the planets and set a marker or something on it please let me know.) I also dislike the fact that I'm constantly having to run back to my homeworld to defend it from a minor attack and by the time I get there its somehow magically decimated even when I left every city turret spot filled with one. Now I expect to be attacked, I am a warrior nation, even though I've only made hostile moves against 1 civilization and for some reason now it seems like everyone except for my 1 ally hates me. I think the space combat is laughable, all I have to do is fly in a circle and use my laser and I'll only take damage from their missles.

Am I missing something in the space age or is this all that spore really is?

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yeah thats pretty much it...the space stage could have been soo much better but they fucked it all up with that annoying save your fucking idiotic allies/planet every 2 seconds...

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p.s. I guess it gets better once you move towards the center of the galaxy but I dont think i am every gonna get to do that cause I have to rescue something or save planet every minute..gets extremely annoying

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Does anyone that was more socially centered have this problem?

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