What do you think will be your favorite stage

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Personally I think I'll have the most fun creating, but I guess that's not one of the stages.  Well other than that I think I'll have the most fun with the stage where you go around with your creature and do stuff, but I haven't seen a lot of all the stages so I can't really say.

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The last stage of the game will be the most fun hands down.  Going to other planets and conquering them? Awesome.

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oh yeah I forgot about that one
that stage does look really cool too

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I will probably enjoy the creature stage the most.

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I think I could make a case for saying almost every stage could be a favourite, except for perhaps the tribal stage which I'm sure will be good, but just the others will be even better.  The creature stage could well be my favourite - that's the part of the game I've always most associated Spore with as well - it will be the excitement of just seeing what other species are around and working out really great anatomy which will create a really competitive creature.  I like the idea of the cell stage as well which is basically the creature stage but in 2D and more minamilistic which kind of appeals to me.  I'm really fascinated to see what the cilization staage will be like because I'm a big fan of the Civilization games themselves - I haven't seen too much coverage of that stage yet.  But Thomas could well be right that the last stage will be the best because you'll have so musch freedom and power to do things - the only detraction is that is doesn't have a set goal which is what spurs you on with the other stages.

My only definite is that I definitely want to play the game from the first stage to the last continually - I don't just want to pick up at a stage in the middle - I want to see the continuity of a race that I create from one cell upwards - that's the biggest draw for me.

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They'll all have their share of awesomeness, but I think my favorite might actually be the Civilization Phase. I've always been a fan of Sim City and RTS games, which are the basic gameplay styles for that stage in the game, and I can't wait to create my own buildings (or use any editor, actually).

It'll be far easier to answer this question if we knew all the details, but unfortunately we do not. :(

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The Tribal stage. Or the Space stage. I suppose time will tell.

It's effectively 3 fleshed out games in one, with the microbes mini games tacked on and all.

What I thought was really cool, highlighted in the UK PC Gamer review, was that you can view the evolution of your creature along a timeline. I'm looking forward to posting that on forums and telling some overblown story about how a race of sackboys felled my only mortal race of cell phones.
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Space stage for creating things
But Tribal Stage because I get to hunt epic creatures

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