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    Simulate the development and progression of an alien species as it evolves from a single-celled organism to a sapient level, rises up through various stages of civilization, and eventually becomes a space-faring species.

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    Great game that has its flaws and may not appeal to you 0

    Spore is probably one of the most ambitious games in our short history. More ambitious that Elite or Daggerfall or Pirates, Spore attempts to model the universe, and give the player the power over every aspect of that model. In practice, some areas of the model are stronger than others, and the flaws may be game breaking to some.Spore starts off with you selecting a single planets. Planets act like houses in The Sims in that they are saves and there is only one save per planet. This is actually ...

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    So much promise, so little delivery. 3

    Will Wright may be considered by some as a genius of the gaming industry.  While I have never got to attend any of his talks, I have on occasion watched footage from some of them, and have come to think of him as a theoretical genius.  Will is exactly the type of guy you want thinking in a tank about what game concepts could be.  Just don't let him actually have an in-depth role on the actual creation process. Arguably Spore's main draw is the creature creator.  It allows you to easily make ver...

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    Spore has an odd way of putting a smile on your face. 0

    One could make a case for the Civilization games having the greatest storyline in gaming, or at least the greatest of the “choose your own adventure” type storyline in that they let the player control history of a global level by dictating the development and actions of a single nation. It looks like Maxis is opting to one-up the Civ games by dictating the course of history on a galactic level by manipulating the evolution of an entire species, none of which remotely look like a human being, bu...

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    Spore Review 1

    Spore is the latest and greatest invention to come out of Will Wright's head. This game was delayed several times, but the following and need for this game would not go away. You will be in control of your own creation from the primordial ooze to intergalactic conquest. You will be able to give your creation as many arms, legs, mouths, eyes, etc that you can afford. This is a true god game, and no wonder different religious groups wanted the game banned. The one thing that this game has going ag...

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    The spOrange Box 0

    Could a game that intends to envelop the evolution of a species from a single cell organism into an intergalactic ruler be trying for a bit too much?  Yeah, probably.  Does that mean they shouldn't have tried?  Hell no.  Spore is a game that really does do so much, and yet still comes off as incomplete.  Instead of trying to talk about this game as a whole, I'm going to talk about its 5 games that it is made up of.  We all know them by now, the Cell Stage, the Creature Stage, the Tribal Stage, t...

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    Read ahead, then come back and fix your darn score! :) 0

    It was not until the middle of the Space age when I realized how addicted I am and how great this game actually is.Up to that point I considered Spore as some childish Sims-like painting and building game; very fun to go through once, but nothing challenging or worth remembering. All the stages were too easy to even bother going into the details (if there are any), so I was expecting to go over the Space stage in the same manner and call it a day.Yes, but no. When I was wiped out by another race...

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    An evolution in gaming? I hardly think so. 0

    Spore, the next game by Sims creator Will Wright and development studio Maxis, has finally made itself into players’ hands after much hype and numerous delays. Despite all the ambition behind this game’s ideas, I was disappointed when I booted it up and started playing. The ideas promised by the developers fell short of the ideal, and what I played seemed like a mutated, lesser counterpart. This creature evolution simulator did little to enthrall me, and no amount of cute, googly-eyed creatures ...

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    Nothing More Than a Casual Game 0

    When reading the previews and even the mainstream reviews of Spore, the game seems to be one of the most creative and revolutionary games of our time, at least as far as creativity. Sadly, I feel for these previews and reviews as well. I even went against my better judgment and bought the game with it's horrible DRM and limited activation policies. DRM is not the only flaw found in this game.The game is set up with several different gameplay modes, and while fun for a temporary time, is nothing...

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    Disappointing 0

    To start off with, let me say that I bought into the hype surrounding this game. I was totally excited to play it and bought it within a week of release...something I NEVER do (mostly because the price comes down a bit a few weeks later). The whole concept sounded fun and I generally like simulation and strategy games. Because I think of the game as several different games packed together, I'm going to review it like that: Cell: Fun but monotonous. In this stage of the game you get to play a gro...

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    Such a disappointing ending 2

    Spore is one of those games that immediately sucks you in so completely its suddenly several hours later than you thought it was. You go through the first four stages of the game rather quickly, most likely not taking more than a few days. As you progress through these stages you build and modify your creature as you unlock more dna parts. Before you enter the final stage, the space stage, you finalize your creatures appearance (appearance is all they're good for now). Then you head off to what ...

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    More Concept than Game 0

    If you have any knowledge about current video games, then surely you must have heard of Spore by now. If you read any online game review sites such as IGN or Gamespot, then surely you must not only have heard of Spore, but have been salivating over its possibilities for a few years now – I am one of these people. I first heard of Spore, roughly, a year-and-a-half to two years ago. I saw a presentation, via Google Video, of Will Wright (the designer of Spore and The Sims, as well as the co-found...

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    It's all about the feeling. 0

    Spore, as a game, is something of a disappointment. The cell stage is a fl0w-like minigame, the creature stage is awfully simplistic, the tribal and civilization stages are extremely dumbed-down RTS's. The space stage, however, is quite satisfying, although not without it's problems. If you play as a warlike race, you will be attacked every 5 minutes, and so you trying to make any progress quickly becomes a chore. Play as a friendly race, and the missions will get repetitive.However, the gamepla...

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    Some parts are weaker then others, but as a whole Spores awesome. 0

    Cell Stage was fun in a Pac-manish sort of way. Creature Stage I liked, though they could've added more activities to do.As it currently plays out you roam the land - attack other creatures and eat said creatures or make friends with said creatures. Occasionally you'll be interuppted and told to migrate which has you moving from one nest to the next.It can last a fairly long time if you want to roam the land and unlock extra parts to put on your creature before you advance to the tribal stage an...

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    After 8 years is it overripe? 0

    Way back in 2000, when we could count the hundreds of MHz of our computers had with just one hand, Will Wright had just wrapped up work on Sim City 3000 and the original Sims to begin work on Spore. How anyone can dedicate nearly a decade of their life to a single project blows this writer's mind but he's the creator of the best selling video game of all time so what Will wants, Will gets. Now that the day is here does Spore live up to the tremendous hype? Or after 8 years is it overripe? In an ...

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    My Spore Experience 1

    So after weeks of anticipation, I went out and scoured the stores for a reasonably priced copy of Spore, and the best I found was actually sold out. So I went and ordered it off the internet. When I got it, I went straight to my computer, installed it, and started to play.Starting off, it was pretty good. being a carnivore, I swam around and attacked other creatures, until the ocean decided it didn't want me. I was booted out of the ocean and given legs and nested. Then I went and killed some la...

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    Almost, but not quite 0

     The most important rule in spore is - "Create an awesome character" , or you won't enjoy the game. I and my friend had created an awesome dragon, and we loved it so much there was no doubt we'd enjoy the game. The game is fine in the cell stage, cause you know you are just starting the game. A little bit of patience will lead you to the creature stage, which is great. It's like a third person action game, especially if your creature's a carnivore. I had great fun flying around with my gang of...

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    Spore is Nothing but Fun! 0

    I was never a fan of The Sims and never had the patience to sit down and plan the piping structure of an entire city in Sim City, so until now Will Wright's games have never come into my circle of gaming. But Spore was on my list of contenders for the prestigious (User) Game of the Year award and although it definitely isn't the winner it is still a fantastically entertaining game. Out-Wright (Euck! Tastes like bad pun..) you get the feeling that this is not a gamers game. Its all dumbed down si...

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    Will Wright's latest brainchild is worth playing. 0

    Spore starts off at a disadvantage. With such absurd expectations and ridiculous excitement over the course of three years, Maxis couldn't have hoped to meet the expectations of excited on-lookers. Shockingly enough, Maxis falls short on many aspects of the game. As much as Will Wright's latest brainchild doesn't live up to a lot of what it sets out to do, it is still a grand, fun and a surprisingly thought-provoking piece of entertainment. Spore has a sprawling narrative that spans billions of...

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    Spore lowered my sperm count. v2.0 0

    It seems my first review of Spore offended some people (Yet it seemed more enjoyed the review then opposed it) and Gamespot's gracious staff was kind enough to remove the it.. But that's ok! Because v2.0 is here to continue speaking the truth of how utterly worthless this wretched game really is! First issue I have with Spore is the DRM that comes straight from the 9th circle of hell to fetter honest buyers and make them feel like they are violated with a pinecone. Seriously, after buying this ...

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    Spore is an incredible game 0

    Now, i've played ALL the sims games, but none of them sucked me in like this one. The 1st stage involves you running around finding food and trying not to be eaten by bigger life forms and trying to grow bigger and eat them, and adding defences to your life form this is the primordial soup stage (microbiological stage)The 2nd Stage pulls you out of the water and sticks you on land. again, eat or be eaten,  but this time you can completely change your life form.The 3rd stage plays like an RTS, bu...

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    Spore me out at the end. Great ideas but bad execution. 0

    The wildly publicised copyright DRM battleground game Spore is something I’ve been playing heavily for the past week. Overall I’ll lay into some bad but there is alot of good mixed in, but it will take too long to write out. I’ll say this is a must play for anyone who enjoys sim-type games and if they can somehow improve the balance of the levels through the expansions, Will Wrights original idea will turn out being a classic. Only time can tell. Good Customization of your alien and buildings. ...

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    Spore 0

    This is a great game its like 5 in onethe visuals are great the charachter design is simpleyet still fun and the game appeals to all ages i give it a 5 out of five this is great game if u like hero machine or the civilizations series u will love this game it is great...

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    Spore- A Look at Evolution (Edited) 0

    Spore is a PC game which its very idea just almost gives the game a perfect score: a game that simulates life and evolution.                 Created by legendary game designer Will Wright (Also known as the creator of The Sims), Spore is a simple game that takes on the complex task of allowing a player to create a little microorganism and guide it through the process of evolution, eventually culminating in the said creature to become sentient, then leave its planet and explore the galaxy. The ...

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    More like Sbore. lol! 0

    (rating thing appears to be a bit broken. actually not supposed to be 5 stars there, but 2.5.)Revealed to much fanfare and mindblowingness at E3 2005, Will Wright's next miracle promised to contain an entire universe populated with weird creatures created by the players themselves. It all sounded so majestic and magical one could but dream of what a fantastically wondrous experience it would be to engulf oneself in the creative result of the brilliance of the mangod that is Will Wright. So it's ...

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