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    Springfield M1903 Rifle

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    An American bolt-action rifle introduced for use in WWI and used in various capacities up to and including the Vietnam conflict, the Springfield is found in many World War II games in the hands of American forces.

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    The Springfield is a bolt action rifle with a range of around 2,500 yards. It was first designed in 1900 at the Springfield armory in Massachusetts. It was used primarily in the trenches of the first World War but continued to be used up until the early Vietnam war. It was able to have such a long life span due to it's effectiveness as a long range Sniper rifle. Various scopes could be attached for increased accuracy.

    The Springfield appears numerous times in various forms of media. In Saving Private Ryan company sniper Daniel Jackson holds off a German advance with a Scoped Springfield. But it is featured predominantly in many video games. In Call of Duty World at War, the first Sniper rifle the player is given in the multiplayer mode is a springfield. It also appears in the original Call of Duty as well as in the second and third games in the series. 
    When designing the rifle, the Springfield Armory used elements and parts based off the German Mauser 1893 rifle. So close were the similarities that the Mauser Corporation brought the US Government to court for infringing on its patents. The Mauser Corporation won the case and the US Government was ordered to pay royalties for every rifle produced. During World War 1, the United States was still paying these royalties, even while its soldiers were using the M1903 to kill German troops.


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