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    Vital Statistics

    • Title: The Spy
    • Aka: Spooky
    • Rank: Soldier
    • Place of Birth: Lyon
    • Country: France
    • Height: 6' 4"
    • Weight: 179lbs.

    Special Abilities: Disguising himself as an enemy soldier, using poison syringe to kill enemies silently, carry dead bodies, converse/ distract enemy soldiers.


    1934: Joins French Secret Service

    1935-38: Chief of Security at the French Embassy in Berlin

    1939: Enlists in the French Army

    1940: After the German invasion, joins the Resistance; he collaborates occasionally with the British Commandos in special operations.

    Military Record

    The Spy has participated in a number of sabotages, and is responsible for destroying at least three trains, 14 tanks, and more than 30 land vehicles. His information about the position and movement of the German troops is invaluable to the British Secret Service.

    He infiltrated the Italian Command Center and eliminated the commander of the Turin Garrison, stole the defensive layout of the Anzio region, and evaded capture for two days.

    Additional Info

    • Amiable character, great conversationalist.
    • Feels absolute hatred for the Germans.
    • Time in the Secret Service made him expert in communications, infiltration, and sabotage.
    • Speaks French, German, Italian, and Russian fluently.

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