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An upgrade to a simple platforming formula that understands the old adage: "If it ain't broke.." 0

I've monopolised this entire empty world IntroductionDifferent times call for different excusesIt's hard to say why the Spyro games (along with the best of the PS1 platforming classics) can still enrapture gamers like myself, even after 15 years of sobering action titles with ad campaigns into the multi-millions. Lamentations about the uniformity of the video game zeitgeist isn't where I'd like to start, but I think it opens an avenue of discussion onto the biases that can appear when a childho...

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A solidly built platformer that holds up incredibly well 0

 Ah, Spyro 2: the game that jump started Spyro's videogame career into the limelight during the PlayStation one days. Hard to believe how far he's fallen since then, staring in a nearly endless stream of mediocre games after his creators gave him up so many years ago. At least we still have the PlayStation originals to enjoy. Though it's been more 12 years since its release (and it certainly shows), Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage still holds up as excellently as it did 12 years ago. With it ...

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More of the same, with some inventive twists. 0

Spyro 2 (Ripto's Rage or Gateway to Glimmer depending on your region) is very much a game for those who enjoyed the first Spyro. It's plenty more of the same sort of thing, but with a sense of inventiveness that wasn't perhaps as present in the first. Still plays extremely well, still looks great and is still just as fun as the first game. It should go without saying that those who weren't a fan of the first Spyro won't likely have their minds changed by Spyro 2, but those who ate up the first a...

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Loaded with personality and just plain hard to not like 0

Positive: - excellent gameplay – smooth controls – tons of bonus missions and stuff to collect – fun boss battles – great level design -Negative: - a couple levels really aren't too great – looking around doesn't work as well as it should -Spyro the Dragon was a big success on Sony's PlayStation for many reasons: its excellent platforming gameplay, smooth controls, and tons of stuff to collect. Naturally, a sequel was released a year later: Ripto's Rage. This game further excelled areas that the...

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Great Platformer! 0

I fondly remember playing Spyro with my friend, recently i decided to start playing it again.If you compare this game (Spyro 2) to the more recent titles, this game is so much more enjoyable.Spyro 2 adds some new concepts that were not included in the original.Now Spyro can Swim, Climb and Headbash. Swimming was something that the franchise needed.In Spyro there are 3 worlds. These worlds contain levels where you will complete tasks for the inhabitants of that level, they will reward you with a ...

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