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    Spyro: A Hero's Tail

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 03, 2004

    Spyro makes an amazing return as it tries to comeback from the disasters of the previous game.

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    Spyro: A Hero's Tail is the 5th and final game in the original series. It is the second game to be developed for the PS2 and Gamecube but it's the first for the Xbox. The game was developed by Eurocom; the first time a game in this series was developed in Europe. The front cover was drawn by Drew Struzan. He used acrylic paints and colored pencils to make the image.


    The antagonist Red
    The antagonist Red

    The game features a fallen dragon, Red, who plans to plant dark gems all over the realms with the help of some of his evil friends. One of his evil friends is Gnasty Gnorc who has reappeared from the first game to kill Ppyro. The protagonist Spyro has to stop him by destroying the dark gems to restore peace to the dragon realms.

    Playable Characters

    Sergeant Bird

    He is a flying penguin that has come back from previous titles to aid Spyro in his quest. His job is to collect dragon eggs and light gems from the speedway scattered along the realms.

    Blink the Mole

    The professor's nephew has a special ability to dig underground and look for dark shards from the main dark gems. In return Spyro gets rewarded a light gem or dragon egg.

    Hunter the Cheetah

    This cheetah has been Spyro's friend since the second game and has aided him in his quest ever since. With his trusty bow and arrow Hunter now has the ability to use a crossbow to stop whatever gets in his way.

    Sparx the Dragonfly

    Sparx has protected Spyro from the beginning by providing him hit points to protect him from enemies. In this game, Sparx has his own mini game, where he has to reach the end of a tunnel by killing enemies on the way without dying. In return, the reward is a dragon egg or light gem.


    The game recieved mixed reviews but was regarded better than Enter the Dragonfly. Compared to the original three, the game was shorter and was aimed at a younger audience.


    • "(Eurocom Logo)"
    • "(Vivendi Logo)"
    • "Title"
    • "Intro Cutscene"
    • "Dragon Village"
    • "Moneybags' Shop"
    • "Crocoville Swamp"amecube
    • "Blink Levels"
    • "Ball Gadget Village Game"
    • "Dragonfly Falls"
    • "Hunter In Dragonfly Falls"
    • "Sgt. Byrd"
    • "Sparx Levels"
    • "Gnasty's Lair"
    • "Intro To Gnasty Battle"
    • "Gnasty Gnorc Battle"
    • "Gnasty Defeated"
    • "Cutscene 1 (Meet Ineptune)"
    • "Coastal Remains"
    • "Sunken Ruins"
    • "Cloudy Domain"
    • "Ineptune Intro"
    • "Ineptune Battle"
    • "Ineptune Defeated"
    • "Cutscene 2 (The Mammoth)
    • "Frostbite Village"
    • "Shooting Game"
    • "Cutscene 3 (Mammoth Does Damage)"
    • "Gloomy Glacier"
    • "Cutscene 4 (Hunter Saves Spyro)"
    • "Ice Citadel"
    • "Intro To Red Battle"
    • "Battle With Red"
    • "Red's Defeated"
    • "Cutscene 5 (Red & The Volcano)"
    • "Stormy Beach"
    • "Molen Mount"
    • "Magma Falls"
    • "Ball Gadget Minecart Game"
    • "Darkmine"
    • "Red's Laboratory"
    • "Mecha-Red Defeated"
    • "Credits"

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