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    Spyro the Dragon

    Character » appears in 33 games

    A compendium for all things Spyro, lest the little dragon that could be forgotten forever in the mists of time.

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    Spyro is the young, cocky, and often disrespectful dragon who's the protagonist of the Spyro the Dragon series. Spyro's defining features are his purple scales, small horns, and very small wings. He can't fly yet, but he gets practice in most of his games, along with the aid of his dragonfly companion Sparx.

    Spyro first appears in Spyro the Dragon, as the only dragon who didn't fall victim to Gnasty Gnorc's spell. He saves the other dragons, and takes on Gnasty Gnorc, all so he can relax in a resort called Dragon Shores.

    In the following installments, Spyro starts to befriend others, and, while still cocky and disrespectful, he seems to mature. His main goal is always to protect others, even when the odds seem against him.


    Spyro is also a character in the action-platformer Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (and it's sequels). Although his name appears in the title, he is only one of 32 different playable characters in the game, which itself has little to do with previous Spyro games.


    • Magic

    Power Stats

    • Strength - 60
    • Agility - 100
    • Defense - 50
    • Luck - 60

    Main Attacks

    • Dragon's Fire
    • Charge


    Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

    • Spyro (Series 1) - Original version released with Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.
      • Dark Spyro - Color variant of series 1 spyro, with slightly different stats.
      • Legendary Spyro - Another color variant of series 1 spyro, with slightly different stats.

    Skylanders Giants

    • Spyro (Series 2) - A series 2 release for Skylanders Giants.

    Skylanders Swap Force

    • Mega Ram Spyro (Series 3) - A Series 3 release for Swap Force.
      • Dark Spyro (Series 3) - A dark color variant of the series 3 Mega Ram Spyro.

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