Do you guys still care about Square Enix?

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Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1235 posts) 2 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Do you guys still care about Square Enix? (248 votes)

Yes, they make some of the best JRPGs 25%
Yes, because they published Deus Ex: HR, etc. 42%
No, Final Fantasy 15 is the new DNF. 4%
No, Square Soft was better. 22%
We need a new Parasite Eve (I just want to see the results) 8%

I'm just curious on the public's opinion on Square Enix. I'm not a fan of JRPGs though I appreciate some of their publishing efforts as it has given us solid games like Dues Ex:HR and Tomb Raider. I honestly feel FF15 is a joke, it has been in development since the PS3 launched, possibly earlier and the whole Final Fantasy brand just seems stale. What do you guys think of Square Enix? Should they just focus on publishing efforts or should they keep trying to churn out RPGs?

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#1 Posted by BeachThunder (14576 posts) -

Hm, interesting that you chose to use the word "still" in the title.

Anyway, I like their publishing efforts.

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#2 Edited by Turambar (7996 posts) -

I personally care about Square Enix because of both 1 and 2, and also think 4 is true as well...

The 3 FFXIII games and FFXIV: A Realm Reborn have been on different parts of the "not amazing, but pretty damn fun" spectrum, Bravely Default and Theathrythm are both fantastic, and they have an obscenely large back stock of games I wouldn't mind seeing digital re-releases for on modern platforms provided they aren't of FFVI iOS quality.

Also I know DNF is suppose to mean Duke Nukem Forever, but I just see Dungeons and Fighters when I see that abbreviation, which is a fantastic arcade style beat 'em up.

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#3 Edited by Steadying (1888 posts) -

Sure. They publish some really great games, and FF XIV is pretty much the best MMO I've ever played, even if the ultimate weapon stuff is at times outrageously grindy and boring. I'm still interested in FFXV even though it's kinda sad at this point how little they show it off. Also Kingdom Hearts III.

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#4 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Yeah, I do. They still make a lot of games that I enjoy.

And let's be real. If there's a new Duke Nukem Forever, it's The Last Guardian.

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#5 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (648 posts) -

Absolutely, for a combination of the first two options. The Eidos part of SE has put out some fantastic games the past few years and I still really love their RPGs.

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#6 Edited by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

I still do. When everyone else was scrounging and scrambling they were adapting. While others were just retreading previous generation stuff but 'up-res', Square-Enix was and probably still is the most progressive Japanese video game developer there is. That takes some skill regardless if the end result is any good. For as much flak they've gotten recently they've also had some profound games and I see nothing to indicate they will stop.

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#7 Edited by Wemibelle (2389 posts) -

They've done quite well in the last few years, so of course I do. The XIII trilogy may not have been widely popular, but I found LR to be one of the most interesting and willing to experiment JRPGs I've seen in years; I really hope their next project is as ambitious. XIV is a pretty damn good MMO that I wish I had more time to play. They've published some fantastic games like DE: HR and Tomb Raider, as you mentioned. Bravely Default has some HUGE problems, but it's a good potential direction for them to head down. I would say they are one of the developer/publishers I'm the least worried about at, at this point in time.

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#8 Edited by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Still makes me giggle.) and a new Theatrhythm are coming out so yes.

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#9 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10206 posts) -

Square is still the best third party developer other than From Software, though a lot of that has to do with Eidos and Ubisoft being uneven. Still the Square teams always have a chance at producing something vastly superior to everything else and there's not really many developers that can say that.

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#10 Edited by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

Sure Lightning Returns was A-mazing. Im excited for FFXV. I still want big AAA jp Games.

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#11 Posted by Schlorgan (422 posts) -

I was never a Squaresoft/Squeenix guy to begin with, nor a fan of JRPGs. My interest in Squeenix at this point is exclusively for the Eidos stuff.

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#12 Posted by Ryanmgraef (243 posts) -

Square is cool, they make some good games. I'm hopeful that the new leadership does what it says. Like, not making dev decisions to appeal to mass but to core fans.

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#13 Edited by Justin258 (14373 posts) -

@hailinel said:

Yeah, I do. They still make a lot of games that I enjoy.

And let's be real. If there's a new Duke Nukem Forever, it's The Last Guardian.

What about Half-Life 3?

Do I still care about them? Yes. But to be honest, I like what they've published more than what they've developed this generation. Just Cause 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Tomb Raider 2013 are all pretty great games that wouldn't have existed without Square Enix's publishing efforts.

I hope Final Fantasy XV is good, but everything I've seen about it looks like more Final Fantasy XIII. I think XIII is OK despite its myriad issues, but most of the marketing for Lightning Returns made me alternate between laughing and cringing. FFXV's slogan "This is a fantasy based on reality" is so stupid that it just makes me depressed. Its aesthetics and the details released so far sound like FFVII and FFXIII all over again, which I just don't want.

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Bravely Default. It's a fine game but hardly enough to elevate Square to a new level of respect. Its storytelling consists entirely of boring cliches that are usually all right but occasionally extremely annoying, and the last third or so of the game seems to consist of going through the cliffnotes of the first two thirds three times.

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#14 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Not really. I like some of the stuff they publish (Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex) but as a developer none of their games have interested me for a long ass time.

I'm interested to see if they were serious about shifting their focus, though.

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#15 Edited by Slag (7349 posts) -

I care immensely about Square Enix. They've made quite a few of my all time favorite games and still make some really good ones.

Few make titles the way they do and even when they fail it's usually because they tried something ambitious and didn't quite pull it off. Final Fantasy may be may many things but one thing it is not is static. Every iteration is different, sometimes profoundly.

These days it seems like the gaming public prefers games that are "dumb" (in the sense that they don't take themselves seriously or are deliberately absurd in some respect, it's usually meant as a compliment) but if you are someone who likes RPG games that do take themselves mostly seriously and have big creative ambitions , Square is perhaps the last bastion of them. Especially for JRPGs.

I like "dumb" games myself but I also like games that have grander aspirations. I'd really miss them if they stopped developing games.

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#16 Posted by recroulette (5446 posts) -
  • They're finally bringing Type 0 over here,
  • Curtain Call is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome,
  • the premise of Kingdom Hearts 3 is so ridiculously great that I'm back on board with the series again.
  • Final Fantasy XV exists

That's pretty good for one company. Hell even their Final Fantasy VII G-Bike game has me excited, and I bought Final Fantasy XIV. I'm back to the weird place I was in when I was in high school and Square Enix could do no wrong. It's weird.

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#17 Posted by Random45 (1726 posts) -

Man, I forgot I still need to play Bravely Default...

To answer the question, I guess kinda? I want a Deus Ex game that isn't a shitty IOS port, that would be nice, and FF15 looks pretty damn rad.

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#18 Posted by Belegorm (1751 posts) -

Where's the "they make pretty good but not incredible jrpg's and also publish deus ex etc" option?

I mean I've had some fun with all of the FF games, not my favourite games of all time but still alright. Actually FFXI is probably one of my favourite games of all time, an MMO like WoW that was heavily inspired by Everquest but then moved in a very different direction than WoW.

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#19 Posted by Quarters (2591 posts) -

They publish some cool stuff, FFXV looks dope, and I love Kingdom Hearts and want to see in concluded. So sure, I guess.

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#20 Edited by GiantLizardKing (1101 posts) -

Dues EX HR was one of my favorite games of last gen, and I recently enjoyed Bravely Default. Everything else in recent memory was kind of meh though. Lazy ports and disappointing sequels mostly. Also Tomb Raider. Not my cup of tea, but generally seemed to be very well liked. I say we let 'em go.

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#21 Posted by crithon (3979 posts) -

I'm so glad I have FF 4 heroes of Light, that just really gave me a better understanding of Bravely Default. It's not wise to get all excited about big games, and really appreciate their smaller experiments like Rocket Slime, Theatryhtm, the World Ends with You.

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#22 Edited by Corevi (6795 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs and DE:HR were both amazing games. But the last in house game I really liked from them was The World Ends With You. Bought Bravely Default thinking it would be better but nope its fucking garbage.

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#23 Posted by geirr (3308 posts) -

Haven't cared about them since they were Square and Enix.

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#24 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (2078 posts) -

@hailinel said:

And let's be real. If there's a new Duke Nukem Forever, it's The Last Guardian.

Oooooohhhh, you take that back now, you monster.

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#25 Edited by cmblasko (2386 posts) -

Yeah. Regardless of how few of their newer games I am interested in, I will always care about them since their NES, SNES and PS1 games were such a big part of my childhood.

I still remember, when I was younger, running outside of my parents' house to find my friends and tell them that I had beaten the Final Fantasy 1. They weren't nearly as enthused as I was, but man did that feel like an accomplishment at the time.

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#26 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@hailinel said:

And let's be real. If there's a new Duke Nukem Forever, it's The Last Guardian.

Oooooohhhh, you take that back now, you monster.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true!

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#27 Posted by smcn (949 posts) -

They've published some of my favorite games in recent years. Deus Ex is a given, and Sleeping Dogs is the only open-world crime game I've ever enjoyed playing. But as a developer... Let's just call Persona the new Final Fantasy, except much better.

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#28 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

They aren't the best developer anymore but I wouldn't say they're bad. Sure the FF13 franchise was pretty controversial but 3 is the only one to be considered super bad. Even then some people enjoyed the changes in it. Also they've been pretty damn good publishers lately. I don't think 1 or 2 bad games plus a ton more B tier games is enough for me to not care about them. Plus Final Fantasy 15 actually seems pretty neat if it works.

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#29 Posted by Brendan (9036 posts) -

I care about games more than I care about companies.

I don't mean that I don't care about the people making games. I don't care about companies as brands. I definitely have expectations for certain companies based on their previous track records but my interest level for a game isn't raised or lowered appreciably when I hear about the Dev or pub behind it. Interestingly I am the exact opposite when it comes to movies.

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#30 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7003 posts) -


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#31 Edited by ViciousBearMauling (2078 posts) -

@hailinel said:

@viciousbearmauling said:

@hailinel said:

And let's be real. If there's a new Duke Nukem Forever, it's The Last Guardian.

Oooooohhhh, you take that back now, you monster.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true!

Never... It can't be true...
Never... It can't be true...

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#32 Posted by mems1224 (1617 posts) -

I care about their western devs since thats where all they're good games are coming from. Dont care about their Japanese side.

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#33 Edited by Aegon (7236 posts) -

@hailinel said:

@viciousbearmauling said:

@hailinel said:

And let's be real. If there's a new Duke Nukem Forever, it's The Last Guardian.

Oooooohhhh, you take that back now, you monster.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true!

Never... It can't be true...
Never... It can't be true...

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#34 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

@aegon: Now we just need a crowbar leaning up against the wall somewhere and the image will be complete.

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#35 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14684 posts) -

I certainly care about Eidos. I sort of care about Square-Enix, though in a genuine or ironic capacity I'm not sure.

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#36 Edited by Strife777 (2083 posts) -

Technically yes, because of Eidos.

As for Square Enix itself in recent years.....meh. I liked playing FFX HD and KH 1.5 HD Remix, but that sort of doesn't count. They did put some good work into those ports, re-recording music and all, so I'll commend them for that. Bravely Default is also quite good.

Otherwise, I'll have to wait for FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3, which at this point is going to be in 2050.

Edit: Oh and I guess I shouldn't forget the FFXIII trilogy. Didn't really enjoy 13 so much. 13-2 was alright. I only played about an hour or two of Lightning Returns and haven't bothered to go back. Soooo yeah, I might... I don't know.

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#37 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

Square is responsible for a lot of my favorite memories in the medium, including my favorite game ever made. I think I'll always care about them a little bit. However a lot of the traditional square games have been disappointing for a long time. Bravely Default is the first game they've done that I became enamored with in a long time, and even that is heavily flawed. When it comes to the Eidos stuff I could take it or leave it. Sleeping Dogs is pretty awesome I suppose. I care enough about them that I hope their Japanese stuff gets back on track, and they iterate on their western stuff in interesting ways.

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#38 Edited by Redbullet685 (6453 posts) -

I only care about Eidos. Never cared for Square. I just don't like JRPG's.

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#39 Posted by kishinfoulux (3243 posts) -

I'll always have a special place in my heart for Square. They gave me some of my most cherished gaming memories when I was young. Even now I think they still do well for themselves. It's just hard to top what they used to be. SNES/PS1 era Square was, in my opinion, absolute god tier and nigh untouchable. An amazing streak that contained a variety of awesome games that will never be topped.

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#40 Posted by ripelivejam (10898 posts) -

New Final Fantasy Tactics and FFT:A on the Eshop for 3DS and i'll be a belieber

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#41 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6555 posts) -

Yes? I guess? I mean, other than the what I felt was a steaming pile of bullshit known as the FF13 trilogy (opinions 'n whatnot) and some sketchy mobile practices (let's not pretend All the Bravest isn't a thing that exists), Square Enix has been putting out mostly good games for quite some time now as far as I'm concerned.

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#42 Posted by RonGalaxy (4688 posts) -

I think they still put out good stuff. I'm excited for a bunch of their future releases (FF15, KH3, Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars, New Deus EX). They're definitely not as bad as capcom.

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#43 Posted by iceman228433 (743 posts) -

I enjoyed the new Tomb Raider game and Bravely Default but if they went under tomorrow I would not be shocked.

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#44 Posted by forteexe21 (1311 posts) -

They still put out good games at least even though their AAA releases suck.

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#45 Posted by Damodar (1983 posts) -

Squeenix saved Sleepy Dogs, that's enough in my book.

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#46 Posted by StarvingGamer (11360 posts) -

They still make the most mechanically satisfying RPG's out there by a wide margin. As someone who still values the playing of the game over everything else, Squeenix is the most important developer to me.

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#47 Edited by AMyggen (7632 posts) -

Barely. I like some of the stuff they published, but haven't been interested in the games they make for years now. But there's some hope, even though I didn't like Bravely Default very much (the story is garbage, the gameplay is good at its core but gets extremely repetitive), hearing that they might move more in that direction again is nice. The Final Fantasy franchise is pretty dead to me at this point though, haven't liked a game in that series since X (XII was alright, but a dissapointment). The less said about Kingdom Hearts the better, and other than that they mostly make mobile games in Japan.

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#48 Edited by Splodge (2414 posts) -

I have never given loyalty to one specific game company, or even had strong thoughts about one. The games are all I really give a puppy about. That also goes for the companies that people go crazy over (EA etc) and vote them the most horrible people in the universe. If the games are good, I don't care!

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#49 Posted by notnert427 (1480 posts) -

Hitman, motherfuckers.

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#50 Posted by AlexW00d (7479 posts) -

As a publisher, yes. As a developer? Never have.

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