Square Enix's "Party Castle" Community Site

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Square Enix are in the beta stages of creating a new community site known as Party Castle.  
Party Castle allows users to create 3D character models which can be converted from 2D images. This forms the basis of the service's character editor, which allows users to apply illustrations to existing 3D character models for customization. The service will also feature a motion editor and scene editor, these will naturally be used for making movies and taking screenshots of your avatar..  Once you've created an avatar, you can also venture out into a "Party Plaza" area, here you can interact with others using a range of community tools.  Your character will exist in one of three fantasy kingdoms, each with different histories and culture.  

Beta images:

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I'll start work on my nude skin right away!

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Reminds me something of Gaia Online.

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@Bucketdeth said:
" Reminds me something of Gaia Online. "
Me too.

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