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    Square Visual Works

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    Japanese CGI studio that develops CGI animations for games and films produced by Square Enix (formerly Squaresoft). Formerly known as Square Pictures, Visual Works is known for producing some of the most advanced CGI animations in both the game and film industries.

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    The studio was initially created by Squaresoft to develop the CGI for Final Fantasy VII, which released in 1997. They then went on to produce CGI for subsequent Squaresoft games during the late 90's to early 2000's.

    At the same time, as Square Pictures, they began development on the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which became known in the film industry for having the most advanced CGI ever seen up until that time. Upon release in 2001, however, the film was a critical and financial failure.

    Visual Works later became part of Square Enix, and continues to produce CGI for various games, as well as some films (such as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children), from Square Enix and its first-party studios, including Square, Enix, Taito, Eidos and Crystal Dynamics.

    The director of Visual Works is Kazuyuki Ikumori.



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