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    SRS99D Sniper Rifle

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    The SRS99D Sniper Rifle is the primary long-range rifle used by UNSC forces. The only drawbacks are its cumbersome reload, and scarce ammunition.

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    An ODST with the SRS99D
    An ODST with the SRS99D
    The sniper rifle employed by UNSC forces against the growing threat of the Covenant, the SRS99D is the greatest long distance threat employed by UNSC infantry. The weapon features an attached bipod and a unique scope/screen capable of two levels of zoom. The weapon is gas powered and can be fired in a fairly rapid semi-automatic fashion and is loaded by magazine.  The weapon is deadly over long range and skilled soldiers can use its quick fire-rate to place shots on multiple targets. Despite these strengths, the weapon's large clip makes reload times longer than desirable and the weapon's long barrel and lack of iron-sights make it less than ideal in close combat situations.

    The SRS99D-S2 AM or the Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Material is the Sniper Rifle of choice by UNSC ground forces.  The rifle is a semi-automatic, magazine fed Sniper weapon that features extreme range, accuracy and stopping power.  It fires 14.5 x 114 mm APFSDS (.50 cal Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) rounds from a four round magazine and has an adjustable 5x/10x magnification scope.  The weapon is almost identical to the SRS99C featured in previous Halo games (the SRS99D is only in Halo 3) as the older model sports a 2x/10x scope which also featured night vision, the rate of fire has also been slightly lowered in newer models


    • It's actually possible to fire a shot, have it ricochet off a surface and kill a target although this is almost impossible to plan out.
    • Due to the high penetration of the Sniper Rifle a single round can actually wound or kill multiple targets.
    • The record breaking 6 ricochet shot by Corick
      The record breaking 6 ricochet shot by Corick
      Holding the Right Stick in while in the 10x zoom mode can allow the player to return to 10x zoom
    • It's actually possible to shoot down a rocket in mid-flight with the sniper rifle
    • The highest number of ricochets to occur before a headshot is 6.  This was achieved by Gamertag Corick.


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