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SSX for PS2
SSX for PS2

SSX is a snowboarding franchise published by EA Games and developed by EA Canada. It is characterized by wild tricks, big drops, and crazy characters.

The first game in the series, SSX, was a Playstation 2 launch title that was valued as one of the best. Its blend of fast downhill racing and mind-bending tricks captivated the public, and so a sequel was quickly made. SSX Tricky was the first in the series to reach multiple consoles, coming to both the Xbox and Gamecube as well as the stalwart PS2. SSX Tricky, ironically, introduced few tricks, with the only new content being two new courses, "Uber Tricks," and a rivalry system. It was still widely praised, however, thanks to its outstanding quality.

Then came SSX 3, the greatest departure - and advancement - of the formula. SSX 3 included an entire mountain to race down that connected the various structured courses. With three peaks and individual courses therein, it was the largest and most universally praised SSX to date.


After SSX 3, the formula seemed to be set in stone. But then came SSX On Tour, a strange and not entirely successful regression to the formula set down in the first two SSXs. The most apparent initial difference was the style: while SSX had always been "zany," On Tour took it to the next level with a sketch-book aesthetic and a "Street" style. Next came the biggest shock of all: the game had no online mode to speak of, like its predecessor. Then came the introduction of Skis, which offered little difference from snowboards other than a marginally different trick set. It also introduce a custom character creator. While series mainstays were no longer available for the main campaign they still made appearances in the free ride and multiplayer modes. While not as warmly received by critics it still kept an 81 out of 100 on Metacritic.

After a two year hiatus came SSX Blur, a Wii game that used the motion controls to perform tricks and offered little in the way of new content, instead recycling old courses and eliminating the open world aspect of the previous two games. While currently possesing the lowest Metacritic rating of any game in the series it was still received with general warmth.

After Blur the series dropped off the map, much to the disappointment of fans. At the Spike 2011 VGA's, however, a trailer for what is assumed to be a series reboot (due to its title being simply SSX) was shown with the new game coming to PS3 and 360. The initial trailer was not well received by fans who felt it betrayed the over-the-top nature the series was known for in an effort to garner the attention of those who liked "gritty" games. The marketing campaign has since been overhauled significantly in an attempt to ensure fans that this is the SSX they know and love.

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