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Few games have style

Few games have style, few games have something more than style. SSX has both style and something more to it that just an snowboarding game.

SSX has two main modes, each with 4 different event styles. The first modes is single event. The singel event   allows one run through any event style and on any courses you've unlocked. World Circuit mode lets you choose a charcacter and build their stats

These to modes have
warm up, Race, Showoff and Freeride. Warmup is a tutorial that takes place on a special course. During the run, you will be given audio and visual tips on how to maneuver your character and bust out tricks. For each course in Race, you must qualify at least 3rd in Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals. In Showoff, it's all about the tricks. Cross the finish line with the highest point total and you're the winner. And finally, Free ride allows unlimited practice on any of the courses you've unlocked during world circuit play.

The game consist of 8 characters, which can be played both in singel event and in world circuit (Once they are unlocked)

  • Mac Fraser (American)
  • Moby Jones (British)
  • Elise Riggs (Canadian)
  • Kaori Nishidake (Japanese)
  • Jurgen Angermann (German)
  • JP Arsenault (French)
  • Zoe Payne (American)
  • Hiro Karamatsu (Japanese)

The games controls reminds me of the THPS controlls. They are responsitive enough for you to go bananas with the tricks, and accurate enough for that tight curve near the finish line. The 4 shoulder buttons are used for the tricks. The left analog stick or the d-pad will control the path of the boarder

Each course is filled with ramps, rails, jumps, and other assorted objects. Performing tricks fills up the player's boost meter, which can then be used for additional acceleration, making tricks are important even in a race. While some tricks do have origins in snowboarding, many of the more advanced tricks are not realistic to actual physics. This matters little in games of this style, as the larger and more extreme tricks count for the most points and are the most spectacular to execute.

The music in the game have a nice verarity from artsist such as; Rasmus, And Mickey Finn, just to name a few. the music really brings that extra edge when you are grasping for air in a stunning high paced race down the Tokyo curcuit.

The only downside with SSX are the FPS drops that comes and goes. Nothing that ruins the game itself but sometimes it can be a little anoying.

Overall, if you like something out of the ordinary you should buy SSX.

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