In case anyone's curious why the Global events look empty

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From EA:

Just a heads up we are pushing the latest GE settings out tonight. Probably very late, I'm guessing around 2am PST.

So starting tomorrow there will only be GE's on 3 ranges: a 'high-roller' range, a casual player range and Mt. Eddie.

There will only be @10 events per range, mostly on feature peaks to begin.

You should see a banner in the main menu that will take you directly to the highest entry drop on the high roller range.

The featured ranges will change every day, as will the events on Mt. Eddie.

Mt. Eddie will have a mix of cheap and high entry fee events, and always a low-level gear restricted event that should be useful for new characters who you haven't levelled up yet.

Not 100% sure but there may also be some extra XP floating around in GE's this week. If not, soon I hope.

That's all. Hope this works out well!


This is a nice little fuck up. So this is something that probably sounded better in theory then in practice. I think the idea was to force people to stop playing on Serenity so much and move us around to different peaks. Except that the vast majority of the other peaks suck big time. So what you have (looking at today's drops) is a few people playing on a few peaks but no where near the amount of people that were playing the game before. The cheap drops have such a small handful of people on them that the prize payout isn't even worth entering. the free ones still have a few people but not enough to bother. The "high roller' drops are basically taking up the good drops and they want like 750k or 1.5 mill credits from you to join. This is kind of bullshit in my view and this was the wrong way to go with this. instead of admitting that what they did was shit, they made a DLC pack that is supposed to be better and then force you to either play it, or a few other peaks that people weren't all that interested in. Great job guys.

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Also, the extra XP they are talking about right now is reserved for the 1.5 mill peaks.

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