Is this game still alive on PSN?

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I recently picked this game up for $15 off Amazon during Black Friday but i've heard from a few people the game's absolutely dead, is there some truth to this?

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The game's great regardless, at least whatever bits of it you enjoy (for me it's been trick events on trick-centric tracks). It's asymmetric multiplayer to begin with, and since it's a global thing, there will be some competion in the events for sure.

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well, i think the game is active or not based on your friends list. there's no real multiplayer mode as it's just pretty much trying to beat the scores of people on your friends list for the most part.

so.. if you can find some dudes who are still alive and well on SSX, then yes. otherwise, i don't really know if there's that much multiplayer appeal without a friends list of SSXperts. it's been a while since i've played SSX, so my memory is pretty spotty on the entire thing. if you have nobody to play against on your friends list, all of the drops have global leaderboards.

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Without the head-to-head racing it felt dead to me anyway.

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^They patched head to head multiplayer into the game moooooonths ago man.

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@TrafalgarLaw said:

^They patched head to head multiplayer into the game moooooonths ago man.

Can they patch me in a bit of give-a-damn this late in the game?

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