Who has fallen prey to purchasable credits?

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#1 Posted by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

I have. I know, I'm crazy, but Eddie had a big head suit that I couldn't afford! I didn't even know you could get big head/hands suits! And I already had points lying there, it didn't even feel like real money! Anyone else fallen victim to their own stupidity like this?

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#2 Posted by Ares42 (3554 posts) -

Well, sitting at 42 million credits in-game now, and this is the first SSX game I've ever played. Global events pay out way way way too much :P Only reason you would have to buy credits was if you didn't do global events at all.

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#3 Posted by bibamatt (1129 posts) -

@MEATBALL: How much did the item cost in credits? I haven't seen any of the crazy stuff, yet!

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#4 Posted by Arker101 (1484 posts) -

@MEATBALL: Man, I feel for you. If there was a big head mode that I might never see again, I'd have done the same thing.

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As soon as you have a couple of million bucks and you can enter Global Events with high drop fees, you'll swim in cash if you have at least enough skill to post a 'Silver' run. Did a platinum run on a 2 million drop event which paid out 15 millions.

Suits only cost like 14k. Just keep buying suits until cool suits pop up. Some are legendaries with glow effects and stats bonus, respectively big head and hands - they are quite pricey though - like a million a piece. Now if a birthday suit would pop up... I'm a sucker for nude patches. ;D

tl;dr - play global events, buy suits out the wazoo, awesome suits achieved.

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#6 Posted by BPRJCTX (786 posts) -

No, i would - for the first time - have bought stuff for my Xbox Avatar, but, they didn't want any more of my money, so...

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#7 Posted by Stackboy (747 posts) -

Every time I play for at least an hour I make at a minimum 500k credits. Plus you could just keep playing the short runs over and over and earn good bank.

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#8 Posted by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

Why would anyone NEED to use real money to buy credits? SSX hands out credits like water flowing from a river.

Man, I've been slacking on my time with SSX. Stupid Old Republic has gotten more interesting than it should've.

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Doing some high stakes Global Events is like purchasing credits with credits, have earned 50 million in winnings from those alone thus far. Like Seppli says, a 2 million buy in = 15 million credit pay out in the Platinum Bracket. It's a bit ridiculous.

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#10 Posted by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

Yeah, it wasn't until a while after I'd done this that I found a Global Event with a million credit buy-in that netted me a few million the next day. I'd amassed what I thought was a pretty decent amount of credits, but this Big Head suit (worth a few hundred thousand) showed right after I'd gone on a bit of a buying spree. Like I said, it was stupid, given how easy it is to earn credits by playing the game, but big head suit! And man, when your points are below the 800 mark it barely even feels like it's actual money sitting there, sometimes.

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#11 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

I admit that I did. I was drunk and was checking out the menu when I first got the game. Next thing I knew I bought like 200,000 credits or something.

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