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A Nice Enough Try You Mays As Well Give It The Cigar 1

Although it may not have come back as strong as SFIV, SSX does a solid job of walking the line between updating the franchise and retaining what fans love. That being said, there's still enough missteps to make me periodically sigh in the middle of all this arcadey bliss.SSX manages to nail the biggest parts that make the series fun; blinding speed, impossible tricks, and a relationship so casual with gravity you'd think the Earth was trying to shove these characters into orbit. From there the g...

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A fun game that might not have much staying power 3

Other than renting Amped 3 one time I haven't played very many snowboarding games. My love of Tony Hawk series of games have at least made me interested in checking this release out since it was on PS plus last month. The story of SSX is just a excuse to get the player to try out every character and all of the gear that makes the dangerous descents doable. Team SSX has to prove they are the number 1 snowboarder group by surviving the 9 deadliest descents while rival snowboarder Griff tries to t...

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Owning the Planet One Mountain at a Time... 0

After a six year hiatus, SSX is finally back and rebooted for the current generation of consoles. It has been a long time coming for this franchise to debut on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and even before its announcement, I was wandering if we ever would see it again and now it has returned being better than ever. The extreme sports genre of gaming is also going through a drought of sorts even EA's Skate series kept things going until this release. It is actually great and refreshing to see a...

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SSX Review 0

SSX ReviewPros+ Unbelievably satisfying snowboarding+ Deep and varied trick and riding system+ Enough tracks to keep you coming back for months+ Online events that will make you play 'just one more time'Cons- Questionable voice acting from pilots- Characters and world lack SSX's exotic personality- Complete lack of local multiplayerStraight out of the gate let's make one thing clear. Is SSX identical to its previous incarnations? Hell no. But is it thrilling, and insane, and completely addictive...

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Scratches the arcade snowboarding itch 0

It seems that rebooting franchises has become just as popular a trend with game publishers as it is in Hollywood, with Fifa Street, Tomb Raider, Syndicate, Twisted Metal, Devil May Cry and arcade-snowboarding game SSX all making a comeback in 2012. SSX is one reboot that brings some welcome changes to the series but loses some of its character and style in the process.It has been 5 years since the last SSX game was released, and the gameplay is largely unchanged from the older games. You will sp...

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One Night Rental 2

This game might as well be a downhill skateboarding game. There's no sense of weight, and it feels too easy to gain control and turn despite bombing down a hill. The system of a 3 tiered "trick" system largely encourages random button mashing, and you end up finding yourself spamming commands until a 1/4 second before you land.The World Tour is pretty much the same game mode from any other action sports game, with the addition of the ability to get new gear, none of it is really worth spending t...

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Considered Opinion - SSX (360) 0

Occasionally, an event comes along in your life leaving you questioning something close. Perhaps yourself, the world at large, morals, the future, sexual preferences and so on; Maybe a 30th birthday, maybe the first time a hot cheerleader saunters past and you wonder how she is doing at school rather than what her cup size is. Those sort of things.-Well much to my surprise, EA's SSX reboot is just such i thing, it has left me divisive in my own mind, and indeed wondering about the state of games...

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Massive disappointment 0

I wasn't too happy about the debut trailers, but the GB quick looks looked fun so I decided to try it out. Now... The demo was pretty neat, but it didn't have the horrible Deadly Descent levels where you try to survive stuff. You'll have to race in a volcano that's dark and full of lava filled crevises, you'll have to sip oxygen from an airtank to not black out! That sounds pretty EXTREEEEEME, but after the tenth time you jump into a bottomless pit you realize why they had to incorporate the rew...

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SSX Review 0

I think I'll forego baking a delicious review in the oven and just itemize and deconstruct my thoughts plainly.What's the game like?This game is an odd amalgam of racing and tricking, and it doesn't entirely do either well, but exists in an interesting place somewhere between. The sense of speed and momentum of the race in this game is markedly inconsistent, there is a give and take between boosting around corners, and risking expending your downhill velocity to fight gravity for a jump to net y...

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A good game to enjoy with competitive friends 0

I got this game because my friends and I were having lots of fun in the demo, and there was some hardcore competition going on between us. Except I was the only one who bought the game (Some have got it now, but I am currently busy with other games.) I think the game is great. The graphics aren't very amazing, but the environments are well designed and different. This is my first time playing SSX so I love the massive jumps and crazy tricks. I think the Global Events are great, but more as a way...

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The Future of SSX is a Bright One. 0

In a market dominated by shooters, fantasy, sci-fi, and simulation sports, it’s always nice to get a nice dose of the ridiculous. SSX fulfills that need amicably, bringing a devilishly addicting, albeit sometimes frustrating, good time. While you won’t find much here in the way of an interesting narrative, the massive amount of content in EA’s snowboarding reboot more than makes up for its faults.Speaking of story, I might as well get this out of the way first. The story in SSX is just that: A s...

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SSX has finally returned. This reboot is great and exhilarating. 0

As this generation of consoles slowly moves into the home stretch of its lifespan, we begin to look back on the history and wonder if any franchises that were praised during the PlayStation 2 era deservedly got a sequel. We’ve ticked off some games on the chart already, like GrandTheft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, just to name some. One game missing that was highly praised is the SSX series (just look at Metacritic; first three games have over 90+ rating) from Elec...

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A Minority Opinion 4

The original SSX games are some of the most beloved "extreme" sports games of their generation, lauded for their controls, level design, sense of speed and creativity.The new SSX...well, at least it has a good soundtrack.I'm sorry, I simply don't get the love for this game.Neither control system works very well. For starters The "tap one button then another" mechanic is needlessly complex, what was wrong with just pressing two buttons at the same time? It's also very unresponsive, and you can ba...

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What can be said about the new SSX? It's got a lot of things going for it. It also may leave some fans in the lurch. It largely depends on what SSX games of old meant to you.In the PS2/XboX generation, SSX was the standout snowboarding game. Eschewing the realism of other games for a balls to the wall, over the top experience. Tricks were crazy, fast, and insane if taken at face value.Fast forward to 2012 and we live in a world where Shaun White can pull off some pretty insane things in real lif...

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