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    Staff Sgt. Griggs

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    Griggs is a member of the U.S. Marine Force Recon in Call of Duty 4. He fights in the Middle East at the game's beginning, but later joins forces with the S.A.S. to defeat Imran Zakhaev in Russia.

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    Griggs is an African-America Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, and is part pf the operations in the middle east with Sgt. Jackson. He serves the Marines with distinction and avoids death in the nuclear explosion that killed Jackson. After this he worked with the SAS when in the missile silo mission he gets captured after landing outside the landing zone. He's rescued by Soap, Price, and Gaz and then helps them abort the missile crisis that could kill 40,000,000 people and decimate America.

    Griggs gets killed by a gunshot wound to the head while dragging "Soap" to safety.

    Griggs uses an M249 SAW machine gun and an M1911 colt pistol throughout the game.


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