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    Stahl is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is a member of the Shepherds, a group led by Prince Chrom that protects the people of Ylisse. He loves food.

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    Stahl is a kind, trusting, good-hearted individual who has a love for all types of food. He has a subtle laziness and sometimes will goof off, but overall he is hard to excite much in contrast to his red cavalier counterpart Sully. Despite is rather normal physique he loves food and tends to comment on food whenever he has the time too.


    Stahl joins the group along with most of the other Shepherds in Chapter 2: Shepherds. Stahl is one of the last members to hear about the mission to Ferox and has to hurry to catch up with the rest of the team. Stahl comments that because he was in such a hurry to join with the rest of the group that he had to miss breakfast much to his dismay, and describes in detail the contents of that missed meal.



    In their C support Stahl is up for laundry duty and as he is cleaning the laundry he grabs a cloak with a beautiful smell. They talk about how cultures differ from place to place and how they should hangout during another laundry day and talk about each others cultures. In the B support Cherche finds Stahl doing inventory and mentions how whenever they meet he seems to be doing some chore. Stahl invites her to come and help him gather firewood, which Cherche comments that in her culture that is inviting romantic interest in somebody, which catches Stahl off-guard, though she is happy to come along with him. In their A support Cherche appears and give Stahl a gift of a handmade handkerchief which Stahl appreciates. They talk about how they want to go to each others homelands when the war is over and Stahl tell Cherche he wants to help her rebuild Valm. In their S support Stahl appears to Cherche and tells her of his dissatisfaction in their friendship and how he wants it to be more. He tells her that he mistook her gift, but then presents a ring hoping she will not mistake his intent to marry her. Cherche accepts.


    In their C support, Stahl calls Panne for supper, but Panne prefers eating alone. When he continues offering, she tells him to make his intentions clear or to leave, so he tells her that he wants to be friends. Stahl sees that this conversation isn't going anywhere, so he starts to leave the dish with her, but she informs him that taguel cannot stomach potatoes. She then thanks him for being sincere. In their B support, Stahl has Panne taste something he made. She informs him again that taguel cannot eat potatoes. He is surprised since he had cut them so thin. Panne is about to leave when Stahl offers her another dish with cottage cheese and squid. She threatens to leave again. He then offers her a carrot dumpling. She tells him it is unpleasant, but edible. In their A support, Panne tells Stahl to join her in eating instead of hovering over her to make sure she eats healthy. Panne tells Stahl that firefruit is not safe for human skin, but he eats it before hearing her warning and gets it in his eyes. When he comes to, Panne asks him if he's dead. He asks her if she was licking him when he fainted, and she explains that it's how taguel clean each other. He thanks her for saving his eyesight and accepts a safer fruit from her. In their S support, Panne finds out that Stahl has changed the menu for her sake. Stahl explains that he wanted to spend some more time with her, and she says that she only ate with him to keep firefruit juice away from his eyes. Stahl asks her if she has grown more tolerant to humans, and Panne says she's only become more accustomed to him. He offers Panne a ring initially to make progress in taguel-human relations, but in truth, it's because he is love with her. Panne accepts his marriage proposal.

    Unit Data

    Stahl joins as a Cavalier class. He has a preassigned skill called Discipline.

    Base Stats

    • HP: 22
    • Strength: 8
    • Magic: 0
    • Skill: 7
    • Speed: 6
    • Luck: 5
    • Defense: 8
    • Resistance: 1
    • Movement: 7
    • Weapon Grade: Sword - E and Lance - E

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 95%
    • Strength: 65%
    • Magic: 10%
    • Skill: 55%
    • Speed: 50%
    • Luck: 50%
    • Defense: 60%
    • Resistance: 15%


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    • He is voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki in the Japanese version.
    • He is voiced by Sam Riegel in the English version.
    • Stahl's birthday is June 16th
    • Stahl follows the green cavalier trope seen in most Fire Emblem games

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