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In-game notability

As the home to two NBA teams in the Lakers and Clippers and an NHL team in the Kings, Staples Center appears consistently in licensed basketball and hockey games. From its many other hosted events such as boxing, the X Games, and professional wrestling, it is featured explicitly or in near-likeness in games related to those sports.

Industry notability

Because of its proximity to the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the Electronic Entertainment Expo is traditionally held, Staples Center hosts promotional events connected to that event, from modest suite rentals to do demos to full-scale events. In 2010 Activision put on a concert featuring Eminem so extravagant that Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra claimed it cost $775 million to put on. It has since come to light that Leigh forgot to move the decimal two places and it actually cost $7.75 million, which actually makes sense.

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