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    Star Citizen

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 11, 2021

    A first-person space combat & flight simulation MMO inspired by the Wing Commander series of games.

    Giant Bomb Spade Duder Space Update: Dec. 21 2015

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    #1  Edited By Mageknight

    Hey duders! Mageknight here, creator of the Giant Bomb Space Duders, our Star Citizen community. I've been quiet for a while (uh... Jeez, has it been two years already?) - mostly because rapidly vibrating over concept renders doesn't make for a great community experience. That said, we're going strong at 114 members at the time of this writing! Not bad.

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    But! With the advent of the Alpha 2.0 Public Test Universe, we're rapidly approaching Star Citizen's existence as... Well, an actual, honest-to-God game. That you can play. Potentially with other duders! Which means it's time to start spooling up the Community Drive! I'll try to be more directly in contact with you guys, bringing you updates on what's going on with the game as well as our fledgling group of pilots.


    With all that in mind, I'm going to try out something that seems to be popular: a Discord server! For those of you who don't know, Discord is the hot new 'VoIP platform for gamers' - with IRC-like chat, multiple text/voice channels, and other nice features - as well as being multi-platform, with desktop/mobile/web apps. You can join the server by clicking here. Hopefully it'll be a nice way to keep in contact with fellow Space Duders as we get excited about the next flyable ship or bemoan crashes, and will build our little community's structure going forward into the Persistent Universe's development.

    The Game

    The biggest news is that the Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is available to everyone with Alpha access. This is the version of the game that unifies all of the development modules into a singular game package; it is effectively the seed that will become the final Star Citizen game. It includes the gas giant Crusader, the station Port Olisar, and some surrounding environs to explore as well as a handful of missions. It's cool to poke around in, but it still has a ways to go before it's even really playable, so don't get your hopes up too much. It's nice to be able to have tangible evidence of progress in any case!

    Shortly after, there was a dev livestream where they talked about what's coming up: namely that the Freelancer is going to be flyable and the Saber is going to be hanger-ready in 2.1 (they both look pretty neat!) and that there are also some cool-looking MISC Reliant variants coming, including a planetary research platform and a... News van? You can see all the upcoming ships right here. They also announced that Star Citizen is going to be featuring procedurally generated planet surfaces with seamless space-to-surface transitions; the trailer for that is embedded below.

    That's all for now - feel free to talk in the comments. See you 'round the Verse, duders.

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    #2  Edited By TravisRex

    Time to bust out the hotas, oh yeah!

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