Star Citizen Hangar Module Reveal - Gamescom Aug 24th

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The wait will be finally over soon! We will get to see the ships in their buggiest form ever, and we won't be able to fly them, but at least we can stare at them intently for the next 6 months!

So far this is the scheduled time for release for the module:

GamesCom - Hangar Module v0.1 Reveal - 2013 Aug 24th @ 7pm UTC - (9pm CEST {Germany/UTC+2} / 2PM CDT {Texas/UTC-5})

Also, just posted from GC is the latest interview with Chris with some in-engine footage of the hangar.

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Oh this is pretty cool how they will release the game in modules so people can already give some feedback. Can not wait till I see my small little ship in my hangar^^

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Youtube version is now up.

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I did some fraps of my hanger.. and it... kinda.. hrmm.. *shrug* :)

it is cool there are multi seats in my big ship. It also comes with a smaller ship inside.. but you can't really tell from this hanger :(

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i blame @vinny - i downloaded it after the podcast :)

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The graphics and animation look really good. Can't wait to walk to the ship, get in, watch the hanger door open, and launch out into space all in real-time.

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