Star Citizen PU Alpha 3.5

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A new version with big features; a new flight model, DNA face customization, ArcCorp planet and Area 18, just to mention few - Roadmap

Alpha 3.5 new features and ships

At the time I'm writing this Alpha 3.5 is still in PTU but can go Live at any moment now.

I have been able to test it some tens of hours and all I can say I'm very happy about the new flight model. Added new weapon and aiming types makes the dogfight experience pretty different experience. I would like to see IM/manual gimbals to be dropped because it makes dogfight more about aiming than flying and because it is useful only for mouse users.

The first iteration of DNA face customization is pretty nice already at this point and just getting better with the improvements devs has talked earlier.

I'm very glad they are adding more and more depth but still keeping things simple for new players. Some people in the community were pretty concerned about Quantum Drive heat functionality but it can bring more depth to travelling once all the functionality is being added and balanced.

Christopher Roberts: Quantum Drives

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