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    Star Defense

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 06, 2009

    Star Defense is a unique tower defense game which involves defending a 3D, spherical world instead of a flat plane.

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    Star Defense was released in 2009 by ngmoco after being jointly developed by ngmoco and Rough Cookie. The game innovates on the standard tower defense formula by creating small spherical (and sometimes cubical) worlds in space that require defense. These planets have set paths that enemies follow, but really change up standard twoer defense gameplay by having the path wind around the entire surface of the planet.


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    The game is very similar to most tower defense games and involves waves of enemies that must be destroyed by towers which can be placed strategically along a path that the spawned enemies will follow to their goal which is the player's base that is protected by a shield wall. Towers can be upgraded up to three times to increase their range, damage output and general capacity. Waves are timed, but can be launched ahead of schedule by tapping on the screen. The entire world is rotated by swiping across the screen while two fingers can be used to spin the view of the world in different directions and to zoom in and out on the playing field.

    Tower Types

     Gauss Cannon ($25)
     Standard bullet damage
     Neo-Plasma Blaster ($60)
     Persistent fire damage
     DX-3 Cannon ($75)
     Slow effect
     Phase Coil
     Electrical damage field
     Quantum Launcher
     Stronger bullet damage

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