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Great Space Shooterr 0

Starfox 64 has to be one of my favorite games of all time. The game can be played in multiple ways, and it has multiple paths. The story is pretty good for its time. The main problem I had with the game was that the multiplayer can be pretty bad. Overall this is an amazing game, and people should try it. ...

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Do a ba-...Yeah, you know the rest 0

Rail shooters are generally very minimal games, usually lacking content. You rarely get anything more than a very short campaign, limited forms of strategy, and relentless waves of enemies only placed to suck up your credits in arcades. Star Fox has always stood out in this crowd with its intricate action, gameplay diversity, and replay value. Star Fox 64 not only brings these elements to the next level, but is arguably the greatest rail shooter ever made.Fox McCloud is the prime leader of the S...

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Do a Barrel Roll! 0

Starfox 64 is one of those games that does it's series justice, and the sequels that follow cannot match how amazing this game is. With a full Voice Cast, multiple paths to completing missions, and a simple yet awesome story, this game is a must own.Story: The game gives the backstory to the events when you first start. Andross was once a scientist that was banished to the faraway planet, Venom, due to his dangerous experiments. 5 years passed since Andross's exile, and General Pepper of the Cor...

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Star Fox 64 Review (Nintendo 64) 0

Star Fox 64 is just one of those games you will play over and over even 10 years after it was released.This is one of those games that are classics but not among the best of classics. Star Fox 64 takes you into the air with Fox, Slippy, Falco and Peppy. You go through each planet of the Lylat system flying and shooting down enemies until you get to the boss. You do this until you get to the final level and face of against the evil Andross. The game is not very hard and not very long either. It m...

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Doing Barrell Rolls Since 1996 0

Anyone who is a fan of Nintendo Games is probably a fan of the Star Fox Series. The anthropomorphic space opera is one of the most recognizable rail shooting space games created by the crimson N, and has for years enthralled gamers with it’s rather rich story and epic sense of engagements. While the series got a head start on the Super Nintendo, “Star Fox 64” is perhaps the pinnacle of the entire series, offering all the action and drama that Nintendo is actually capable of if they set t...

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