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StarFox: Adventures is a good game.  A very smooth and fun game.  So why 3.5/5?

Because StarFox isn't an adventure game.

StarFox: Adventures did something that a lot of developers are afraid to do and that is very novel.  They did something drastic with a well-established franchise.  This game's 2 predecessors were both on-the-rails fly-by shooters and they were fun.  When I got StarFox: Adventures, I knew they were adding adventure game elements (hence the title) but I wasn't expecting them to become such a huge part of the game.  I guess I was disappointed with how much a title I was so fond of had changed.  It just didn't feel like the StarFox that I knew. 

But this would be the 3rd console that StarFox had appeared on as well as the 3rd game of the series... so I guess they were almost obligated to try something new, right?

Either way this is a good and fun game... it just isn't the StarFox that we all once knew and adored.

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