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    Star Fox

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 22, 1993

    As the leader of an elite squad of anthropomorphic animal pilots, fly throughout the Lylat star system in the prototype Arwing spacecraft to prevent the galactic conquest of a mad scientist in this 3D shooter for the SNES (with real-time polygonal graphics powered by the new Super FX chip).

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    Incredible and Classic SNES goodness

    The SNES had a number of brain-busting titles released for it, and Star Fox was no exception. Using advanced technology utilizing it's built-in SuperFX chip, the game created a 3D line-rider for players to navigate. It features three different paths of levels, each with it's own difficulty and level design. While some levels take place over Earth-like ground (Corneria), others may take space in space, over water-planets, and strange alien worlds.

    This game for me is on-par with the most recognized games on the SNES. Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, these are all must-have games which shaped the gaming world as it is today.

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      This is the game that came before the "Barrel Roll" 64 edition and 1st used, the revolutionary (well at the time) Super FX Chip on the SNES. So how does this game stack up to the likes of Starfox 64, Starfox Adventures and Assault? Well quite well actually.In Starfox, (if you don't know the story by now...) you play as Fox Mccloud, leader of the reformed Starfox team. As Fox Mccloud, you are trying to shoot everything that moves in your way, as this game is "On-Rails", meaning that you are taken...

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      Classic 0

      If You've read the StarFox comics, You'll understand why Fox is here in his arwing...He's the most ruthless mercinary who still has some morals left in him and the upcoming threat of Andross is not one to be left any longer... The gameplay is fairly simple, dive, dodge, duck, shoot and release some bombs... Simple; yes, but very entertaining, giving a great retro game feel to Star Fox which is a good thing indeed. Shooting and bombing ground targets to bizzare giant flying creatures to your cla...

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