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145981 warthurton Game Updated with a general description and some additional upcoming platforms. 01/21/21 07:02AM 39 done
145702 AlexB4tman Game Tomb Raider (2013) is very linear and not that heavy on stealth elements. Unlike its sequels, Shadow of the tomb raider features many stealth mechanics for different approaches and open-world exploration. Assassins creed 1 and 2 are way more stealth game-oriented than Shadow of Mordor. But AC3,4 and Unity have more direct combat scenarios and open-world exploration so they are way more similar. Arkham Asylum is too much of a linear game, is not that similar to Shadow of Mordor. Arkham City/Origins/Knight fits better. Star Renegades have nothing to do with Shadow of Mordor. Horizon Zero down is heavy on the stealth elements (something that the developers would only dive deeper in the sequel Shadow of War) but also features stealth segments, melee and third-person shooting and open-world exploration so I think it should stay. 01/18/21 07:34AM 12 done
141388 ElContusione Person 12/01/20 06:12PM 6 done
141198 ElContusione Game 11/30/20 09:19AM 16 done
141086 ElContusione Game 11/29/20 07:36PM 60 done
134026 bobafettjm Concept 09/25/20 11:37AM 290 done
131954 deactivated-5faea2774e7b9 Game 09/09/20 06:18AM 17 done
90900 Jesserad Game Added publisher and Xbox platform confirmed at Gamescom 2019. 01/28/20 08:49AM 4 done
41791 Marino Game 03/09/19 02:20PM 34 done
13141 Marino Game 08/11/18 01:51PM 22 done

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