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Star Trek Adversaries launched its Alpha in January 2018 to a small closed group, then expanded their Beta release on January 30, 2018 to include anyone who wanted to play. Full launch on Steam is expected by the end of Q1 2018.

The game starts with two primary factions to choose from, the Federation and the Klingon Empire, with a broad selection of 12 Flagships each.

NX Class RefitRaptor Scout
Crossfield ClassBird of Prey ENT
NX ClassD5 Battlecruiser
Defiant ClassD7 Battlecruiser
Constellation ClassK't'inga Battlecruiser
Intrepid ClassJach Class
Constitution Classk'Vort Bird of Prey
Constitution Class RefitQugh Destroyer
Miranda ClassSarcophagus Ship
Nebula ClassBird of Prey DSC
Galaxy ClassVor'cha Battlecruiser
Sovereign ClassNegh'Var Class

The game was shut down on January 31st 2019 for undisclosed reasons. Because it is licensed content, even offline gameplay is no longer available as the login servers are disabled.


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