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    Star Trek: Away Team

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 14, 2001

    A real-time tactical combat game set in the Star Trek universe, in which the player endeavours to make sure his team of Starfleet officers doesn't meet the gruesome fate of so many redshirts before them.

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    Star Trek: Away Team is a Real Time Tactical Strategy game that follows captain Marcus Rafelian and his crew on the starship Incursion as they embark upon missions to Borg Cubes, Klingon territory, and Starfleet Academy.  The game is set in the Star Trek timeline shortly after the Dominion War.      

    The game progresses through a set number of missions, where each mission the player selects from 17 pre-defined characters to form their "Away Team". Each officer posesses weapons and equipment that can be used to perform their duties and abilities. The game has a co-op mode which allowed players to assume each a role in the party.  The option only works in a LAN setting.
    Brent Spiner voices his role of Data in the game, providing the team with mission briefings and updates.     


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