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    Star Trek: Bridge Commander

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 22, 2002

    Star Trek: Bridge Commander is a space simulation game that gives players the ability to manually control a starship or take control as the captain and order your crew to carry out maneuvers and attacks.

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    In Star Trek: Bridge Commander, players take control a Federation Starship as its newly minted Captain. Bridge Commander is best known for its unusual gameplay systems, most notably the ability to control the ship by giving orders to bridge officers.


    Bridge Commander gave the player the ability to manually control a starship in 3D space and battle other ships. The player could also view the ship from the perspective of the captain and simply issue orders to officers instead of directly controlling the ship. Bridge Commander gave the player the ability to target subsystems on other enemy ships, giving the player a variety of strategies to use against enemy ships.

    The game has two main modes, campaign and free play mode. The campaign follows a captain who is awarded command of gradually stronger ships as the story progresses, until finally the player is captain of a Sovereign class ship. The free play mode allowed players to go online and battle other players or battle AI and create custom scenarios involving starbases, starships, asteroids, etc. Federation, Borg, Romulan, Klingon, Kessok, Ferengi, and Cardassian ships appear throughout the game.

    System Requirements

    Minimum SpecificationsRecommended Specifications

    OS: Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP

    OS: Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP
    Processor: Pentium II 300Mhz processorOS: Pentium II 450Mhz processor
    Graphics Card: 3D Hardware Accelerator (with 16MB VRAM)Graphics Card: 3D Hardware Accelerator (with 16MB VRAM)
    DirectX: DirectX 8.0a or higherDirectX: DirectX 8.0a or higher
    Hard Drive: 175 MB of HDD SpaceHard Drive: 175 MB of HDD Space

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