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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time is a licensed action-adventure game based on the TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is itself part of the greater Star Trek franchise. Crossroads of Time is the first of several games to be based on DS9, but the only one to come to consoles - the rest being PC exclusives.

The player takes command of various characters from the TV show who must battle it out with Cardassians, Borg, and other recognizable faces from the Star Trek universe. The plot at one point has Captain Benjamin Sisko travel back to the climactic Wolf 359 battle against the Borg.


Shuttle Craft Level
Shuttle Craft Level

The gameplay is straightforward and mostly consists of platforming and some simple combat. There are also boss battles spread throughout the game, as well as a section where the player takes control of a shuttle and must navigate through the wormhole and even an asteroid field to catch up to a fugitive. There's also a stage where the player infiltrates a Cardassian ship as the shapeshifting Odo and must rely on stealth.

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