Star Trek: Klingon Academy

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    Star Trek: Klingon Academy is a space flight simulator in the vein of Starfleet Academy. However the player controls Klingon spaceships rather than those of the Federation.

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    With similar gameplay to  14° East's previous Star Trek space flight simulator Star Trek: Starfleet Academy the player controls Klingon warships and completes missions that are broken up by full motion live action videos of Christopher Plummer and David Warner reprising their roles as Chang and Gorkon from the TV series and films. The difficulty of the game is determined by what class of space ship the player chooses at the mission briefing. The more advanced the ship the harder the mission is to accomplish.


    Primary Weapons

    • Phaser
    • Disruptor
    • Heavy Disruptor
    • Impulse Velocity Projectile (IVP)
    • Assault Phaser: a super-sized Phaser nominally equiped only on starbases.

    Secondary Weapons

    • Photon Torpedo
    • Heavy Photon Torpedo
    • Plasma Torpedo
    • Gorn Plasma Torpedo

    Special Weapons

    • Antimatter Field Projector (AFP)
    • Cohesive Fused Deuterium Irradiation Cannon (CFDIC)
    • Frequency-Modulated Meson Particle Accelerator (FMPA)
    • Gravitic Harmonic Resonator Cannon (GHRC)
    • Graviton Density Distortion Sphere (GDDS)
    • Quantum Carrier-Wave Beam (QCB)
    • Tholian Web Cannon

    Starship Classes

    Starship classes from six different species may be encountered during the game. The ships range from small shuttlecraft to massive battleships.
    Fans of the Star Trek TOS movies may recognize a few of the ship models. Fans of Interplay's Starfleet Command-series may recognize some ships as reworked and restoried Starfleet Command models. However, Klingon Academy features more than twelve new starship designs.

    The Klingon Empire

    • Escort: the Bird-of-Prey
    • Frigate: Suspicious-class
    • Destroyer: Insurrection-class
    • Light Cruiser: Relentless-class
    • Cruiser: K'tinga-class
    • Command Cruiser: Warrior's Anger-class
    • Battlecruiser: Emperor-class
    • Dreadnought: Accuser-class
    • Battleship: the Sword of Kahless-class

    The United Federation of Planets

    • Scout: Oberth-class
    • Frigate: Okinawa-class
    • Destroyer: Akula-class
    • Light Cruiser: Miranda-class
    • Cruiser: refitted Constitution-class
    • Command Cruiser: Lexington-class
    • Battlecruiser: Excelsior-class
    • Dreadnought: Ulysses-class
    • Battleship: Missouri-class
    • Experimental Battleship: Yamato-class

    The Romulan Star Empire

    • Escort: Praex-class
    • Frigate: Gladius-class
    • Destroyer: Warbird-class
    • Light Cruiser: Legion-class
    • Cruiser: Centurion-class
    • Cruiser: D7-class
    • Command Cruiser: Senator-class
    • Battlecruiser: Imperium-class
    • Dreadnought: War Eagle-class
    • Battleship: Imperial Hawk-class

    The Gorn Confederacy

    • Frigate: King Snake-class
    • Destroyer: Anaconda-class
    • Cruiser: Euromastyx-class
    • Battleship: Grendel-class

    The Tholian Assembly

    • Escort: Feldspar-class
    • Destroyer: Quartz-class
    • Light Cruiser: Garnet-class
    • Cruiser: Ruby-class
    • Battlecruiser: Amethyst-class
    • Battleship: Sapphire-class

    The Sha'Kurian Ducal Territories

    • Light Carrier: Hunter-class
    • Fleet Carrier: Long Fang-class
    • Super Carrier: Alpha-class


    The Klingon Academy soundtrack was composed by Inon Zur.

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