Kinda want to give Star Trek Online another chance, but ...

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... I'm still playing and paying for SW:TOR.

It's sort of a weird thing, I played STO for about a month in August and, while I really dug the space combat, didn't pull the trigger fire my phasers on paying to play it. Now I'm playing TOR, and I do really like it, but I'm having a craving for some good space combat. I want to play it, but I'm worried it'll suck me away from TOR ( a game I'm actually paying for.)

Anybody else stuck in this predicament? Anybody playing both right now?

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Look at this man's face.

Let your heart be your guide.

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Just install it so you can hop on and blast Romulans/Klingons/Bad Guys out of the sky every now and then. It's a great game to just hop on and complete a few missions or fleet actions.

There isn't a huge community behind STO, even with the F2P release, so only your love for blasting things to smithereens with your phasers will keep you engaged. The new Duty Officer stuff that was added isn't too compelling, and all the other stuff they added was either to streamline or pad out the content.

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