Mini-games being introduced

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Well after buying lifetime & not playing it for several months, I decided to fire up
good old STO & see what was cooking.   I've totally forgotten how this damn game
works so it was quite a struggle to get back into the groove.  Why it couldn't it be
more like EVE?  EVE is so straight forward in how it works & plays & looks.
But anyway, what I found was that scanning for anomalies, they have thrown
in this signal matching game.  So basically you have a short amount of time
to match the signals & if you do, you get a bonus on these anomalous materials
to build stuff at Memory Alpha (another thing I haven't tried yet).
According to the Missions forums on STO, they plan on making several 
mini-games to create more fun in those missions where you're not grinding
combat with other aliens.  So I'm looking forward to this. For some reason,
they wanted to make these mini-games optional for those that don't want to
play them.  Although I don't understand why anyone would NOT want them.
It's boring as hell if all you do is go down & scan something by pressing a
button & then going back up.  Even those people who are reflex-challenged
would not stick around for the game for long.  They should just put them in 
& let people enjoy it & if somebody don't like it, fuck'em. They can go play
something else.
That is one thing I like about EVE is that they just come out & say this is how
the game is played, we're not apologizing or carebaring you in the game as
developers.  And it works.  I think STO development spends too much time
making carebear type stuff to keep some segment of the players from getting
upset.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like STO was designed for 10 year olds,
even though the majority Star Trek fan population is probably > 
It seems to me that they were trying to make STO to compete with Spore
rather than EVE. lol
Anyone know of any how-to ship building strategy guides?  I could really
use some tips on making the game easier to play for combat.  In EVE there
are all kinds of guides & tips.  In the STO forums, a lot of requests about
guides go unanswered. lol.

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I think the game has run its course. They are not gonna be able to come back. 

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@The_Laughing_Man said:
" I think the game has run its course. They are not gonna be able to come back.  "
LOL. Well there are still people online playing the game,
I don't know if it's only foreigners or not.  Champions Online
as well.  What they've been doing is they add in Mission
"Episodes" that you can play at any level (I guess it levels
up to the strength of the player) & they give some stuff
for those missions.  Like The Breen episode gives you 
a Breen bridge officer, though it's not gonna be free after
the 14th (proly you can buy one after the 'free giveaway'

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