STO Deluxe Edition is $3.75 on steam

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#1 Posted by dantad (36 posts) -

$3.75? Is this worth it? I enjoyed the demo but found it to be a bit laggy where I live so didn't pay the $15. 

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#2 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7812 posts) -


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#3 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

That just seems kind of sad more than anything.

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If it included the first month for 3.75 (does it?), I'd be willing to give it a go again. Haven't played it since beta, and wasn't exactly blown away back then.
EDIT: Just looked at the Steam forums, and it seems like you get a free month for $3.75. I think I might try it again.

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Oh well, I just bought it. For €2.75, even if it sucks I won't feel cheated for 30 days of game time.
Sale stops in a few hours, so you may want to jump on this.
And it does include 30 days of game time. You still have to enter your credit card or Paypal info, but you can delete that from your account as soon as your subscription is set up.

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#6 Posted by carlthenimrod (1616 posts) -

It's not worth it; it stinks.

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#7 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

Levelling up a character is pretty fast and I enjoyed it, just don't treat it like an MMO and you wont expect anything.

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#8 Posted by xerxes8933a (226 posts) -

For 4 bucks I picked it up.  If only to see whats changed since the beta.  Is the Giant Bomb Clan still active?

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#9 Posted by Brackynews (4387 posts) -

As the most recently updated thread I guess I'll post here.

I finally logged in late Thursday night after a half-game of Alpha Centauri, got my Q buff, and stayed awake until it ran out four hours later. Enjoying it so far, I must say. Though I expect a lot has changed from a year ago. I would have bought this game sooner if it was single player. Dunno what they were thinking. ;) Best Trek space battles I've seen since Armada. Not too simmy.

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#10 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

I don't know what I was thinking paying $50 for this game.

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#11 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

@MB: You were swept up with the best of them my friend.

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