Where to Buy the Ship devices at?

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does anyone know where you can buy the ship devices at? the Shield Batteries / Power Batteries  / Power Batteries / Weapon Batteries ?
I think they used to be at the DS9 station but for some reason i cant find them now, also, i tried getting them from the ferengi transports and federation transports, no luck, or in the inventory replicators wasn't in there either..... i just figured i would ask on here as no one in game seems to know....

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You won't like this, but, Klingon side can buy them from a vendor in Qo'noS shipyard. I don't think there's anywhere to buy them on fed side at all.

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You can buy them at one of the venders  in earth space station. I forgot which one. If not there then in the place where you get the new ships when you level up.

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