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Star Voyager is a space combat game viewed in the first-person perspective. It was developed by ASCII Entertainment and published by Acclaim. The game was first released in Japan on December 23rd 1986 under the name Cosmo Genesis. It was then released in North America in September 1987 as Star Voyager.


The goal of Star Voyager is to navigate the player's ship through space to intercept and destroy groups of enemy space ships before they reach the home star-base and destroy it.

The player uses a sub-space warp system to travel between space-stations, planets and enemy units on the map. Using this warp system drains the ship fuel level therefore it is necessary for the player to dock at various space stations to refuel before the level reaches zero. If the fuel level reaches zero, the ship will explode thereby ending the game.

Various upgrades for the ship can be obtained by travelling to planets and landing on them. Upgrades are distributed randomly across the planets so it is not guaranteed that an upgrade will be found when landing on a planet.

The game is over when the player's ship energy level reaches zero or if the ship is destroyed by an enemy. The player wins the game by destroying all enemy groups shown on the star map and returning to base.


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