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    Star Wars 1313

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    Players would have taken the role of a bounty hunter in this gritty third-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe. After the shuttering of LucasArts, the game has been canceled.

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    Star Wars 1313 was centered around the world of the bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe. Players would take control of a bounty hunter on the planet Coruscant from a third person, over-the-shoulder perspective. Unlike many other Star Wars games, the protagonist would not have had Force powers or a lightsaber at his disposal.

    The title referred to Level 1313, an underground district of Coruscant dominated by criminals.


    The demo shown at E3 2012 demonstrated both Uncharted-like platforming, with the character using ledges and handholds to climb on a burning ship, and cover-based shooting.


    Work on the game was halted when LucasArts was shut down in April 2013. While the possibility of licensing the game to another company was left open, insiders have reported that no publisher showed interest. It is unlikely that the game as it existed will ever be finished.


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