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Can you make do with just a Slice?

The single-player campaign is just a slice of what’s available to you when you play Star Wars Battlefront 2 (SWBF2). It’s kind of upsetting that the game leans so heavily on the multiplayer. In fact, the entire user experience surfaces multiplayer stuff. When I used to walk into an arcade as a kid the distinction was pretty clear on what was multiplayer and what was single player based on the number of joysticks on the cabinet. I guess in 2017 the onus is on the player to do their research. Rewarding a campaign completion with loot boxes instead of credits for the talented people that made your game shows the direction EA has been marred by and will continually be mired in, the multiplayer ecosystem.

I listen to podcasts. I only listen to videogame podcasts because i equivocate any prognostication on any other topic dumb, likely misguided, mostly uninformed, monday-morning-quarterbacking, or just going to ruin the wholesome persona they present in film, sports, or politics. Celeberity is a means to an end with little insight into the actual person. I have been listening to podcasts since the iPods's scroll wheel was incorrectly considered revolutionary on an iPod (blow out your ears if you don’t have a surgeon’s touch). Loveline with Dr. Drew was one of the first and like the bombcast i usually make it my mission, and succeed, at getting on-air. When i heard Mitch Dyer from’s stable of podcasts was a writer for the game I thought that was pretty impressive and though I am about 3 years late to the party it’s nice to see someone you ‘know’ do a thing. Maybe Abby is on her way to becoming a writer on some new unknown Nintendo property (Metroid?). The entire internet kerfuffle echo chambered through podcasts was over the game’s multiplayer. Perhaps a more meaty single player could have blunted all the entire lootbox scandal.

Achievements have been a sticking point for me this generation. If it wasn’t for COVID I would have gone about 3 years without internet in my apartment. I mostly subsisted on a diet of having 2 consoles leaving one at my parent’s house and just using an external harddrive to move games around. I hated how the XBox didn't have offline achievements. I love my achievements. The bomb and beastcast all say they don't care about such things but everybody (except Abby) is from an era where they were putting their initials into a game's leaderboard at their local arcade to prove that they were the master of a game. Achievements are the same. Except, the leaderboard is more global and could/should keep you up nights while you jockey for 1st place on a very obscure thing. I wonder sometimes if I am a bigger fan of videogames than the people that I listen to on a weekly basis. If they don’t swear by achievements then I honestly think they’re just in the camp that knows the cool kids aren't caring about achievements, this season. It’s the just the 'get PC argument' all over again, lazy. It is nice to hear Jeff come around on the pure joy that new consoles are going to bring us, despite the low hanging fruit complaint of ‘no games.’ I am completely frustrated that after playing through the campaign I only have 300 out 1045 achievement points. Achievements are supposed to track my habits and tendencies better than the NSA. If I had my way the achievements would be doled out in increments of '1s' or '5s' that's how granular this stuff should be. Unfortunately, the bulk of the achievements are probably earned through playing online. That's fine. I still had my fun.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 might be the game that talked me out of a Series S into the Series X in one breath and then talked me out of next gen all together in another breath. Playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 with it’s wide vistas and familiar Star Wars vibe all in 4K said getting a series S might be regretful. But then I look at all of these games that are in 4K on my One-X and i think to myself about the Series X, not so fast.

The game is beautiful and fun with Just enough flight to get it right. I don’t think I can do Star Wars Squadrons. This game has the perfect balance of switching into and out of space combat. There’s no way I’d touch an Ace Combat but I do enjoy when the Battlefield franchise gets me in a tank or plane. This has almost completely talked me out of VR. That is until I hear what PS5 is doing with VR. Resident Evil 7 on PS4 really terrified me and I barely made it an hour into the game. I’m thinking if I can beat RE7 in the traditional manner maybe I’ll be able to handle the VR experience. Bucket list I guess.

Before the new age franchises, like Call of Duty, came into being a Star Wars purchase was pretty much a regular thing for me. I don’t know where I found the funds for the first Force Unleashed but it was important enough for me to earmark some money for it and play through it. Shadows of the Empire was completed on my N64 and Rogue Squadron was pretty one-note but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Maybe if Battlefront 1 had a single player experience I would have found myself in the Playstation ecosystem sooner, especially with that special edition PS4.

I've been chasing the fps team deathmatch feeling since goldeneye in the dorms. I'm bored of it. I really love thrid person. Gta IV, Pubg, Agents of mayhem, and pretty much any other 3rd person game is a joy for me. I was sufficiently pissed when there was mention that Cyberpunk 2077 was not going to feature 3rd person after all. Of course there has been so much time between original release date and their latest release date that I've waffled back and forth and I've moved on to just settling camp. I'm sure Uncharted and the upcoming Last of Us 2 Multiplayer will shine but I can’t be bothered with multiplayer ever again. So I won't be bothered with the multiplayer here. I’m sure it shines. It’s DNA is all over the single player game.

This game features some amazing familiar environments. The weapons and spacecraft are really cool. The marquee feature for me is the transitions from gameplay to cutscene. Ever since FF7 did it right I’m always impressed when a game seamlessly transitions. This game does it perfectly combined with the awe of Star Wars it’s hard to hate on this game. True, I did not like Star Wars Fallen Order. Maybe I wanted more gunplay, less traversal, less backtracking, and fewer abilities locked behind skill trees. I’ll finish that game one day. More than likely, the plan is to play through the Dark Souls Series and then play through Fallen Order. If by the time I’ve completed all of that and I haven’t gotten a Series X or PS5 yet then I will get a PS5 for Demon Souls.

The game is offered in both first person and third person. This blows my mind. I am pretty sick of first person shooters. I play them because they are available, but I truly love 3rd person more. Giving me the option (though not for lightsaber wielding) really spoke to me. Ever since Goldeneye in the dorms I have mostly tolerated FPSs as I seek to relieve a lost moment of my life. I could do without. SWBF2 gave me the option to flip back and forth and I might take them up on that offer when I replay the game in the near future.

Can someone explain ‘Slice’ to me. The droid apparently interfaces with computers in the game and the protagonist asks him to 'Slice that.' I even have the subtitles on so that is actually what is being said.

I finished the campaign and there seems to be an additional campaign that was unlocked by doing so. I’m not sure of the circumstances. Was that there originally? Was it a make-good for the pay-to-win kerfuffle? I’m curious enough about the 2nd campaign to actually delay my plans to play through Nier Automata. That says something. I only looked at the single-player slice but it’s got all the pepperoni on it. 9.1/10 5 out of 5 stars.

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