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    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 19, 2002

    The game follows the life of Jango Fett as he tries to hunt down the dark jedi Komari Vosa and collect the bounty on her head.

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    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is a third person action/platformer played in a series of linear levels. The game is a mix of traditional shooting and platforming.

    Your jetpack and pistols are frequently used in combat.
    Your jetpack and pistols are frequently used in combat.

    The shooting features a targeting system which allows you to lock onto your opponents and see their health. Jango Fett is armed with a large number of weapons, including his trademark duel pistols which allow him to shoot at 2 targets at the same time. He can shoot a dart from his suit as seen in Star Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. He can shoot rockets from his jet pack as also seen in the film. Some weapons have limited ammo. At certain points in the game, you will lose some or all of your weapons and must use your fists. The player gains weapons which include a flamethrower, a machine gun, and a sniper rifle. Jango Fett also has a targeting computer inside his visor which allows him to identify wanted criminals, and gain information about their history. The game gives you a choice to either capture or kill the target, with more credits awarded if captured alive. The game keeps track of how many credits you get for each bounty and totals it at the end of the game.

    The platforming sections mainly involve the use of your jet pack. You can also shoot while using the jet pack. A bar indicates how much longer it can stay in the air. The jet pack is not as useful for stealth however, as it creates a lot of noise and alerts your enemies. It can be useful when trying to dodge gunfire.


    The game takes place shortly after the events of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. begins with Darth Tyranus contacting Darth Sidious. Sidious is unhappy with Tyranus for not eliminating the cult group, Bando Gora, when he had the chance. This group is a threat to Tyranus and his goals. He also expresses his desire to create a clone army. He then decides to kill two (metaphorical) birds with one (metaphorical) stone and eliminate the Bando Gora and find a suitable candidate for his cloning program.

    Meanwhile, Jango Fett is hunting a criminal, Meeko Ghintee, for his friend Rozatt. After the capture, Jango receives a transmission from Darth Tyranus inviting him to participate in "a special hunt... for a special prey." The reward is five million credits for the capture of the deranged leader of the Bando Gora, Komari Vosa.

    The game featured various environments including city themed areas.
    The game featured various environments including city themed areas.

    Jango arrives at the Merchant Row. He manages to capture one of Meeko's thugs, who leads him to Meeko. Meeko sends all of his thugs after Jango. He claims he will award triple pay to the one that kills him. Jango fights his way through many thugs before witnessing Meeko steal a speeder and flying away. After a long pursuit, Meeko loses control of his speeder and crashes. He escapes, however, by heading into the docking bays. More of his thugs await for Jango there. Jango fights his way through the bay before finally reaching Meeko. Meeko, however, has gotton a hold of another ship. More thugs arrive also. Jango, however, manages to cause enough damage to ship, making it crash. Meeko survives the crash, but is captured by Jango Fett.

    The game cuts to another bounty hunter, Montross, who is hunting a criminal who is marked dead or alive. Montross states, "You're worth enough, dead." before killing him. After this, we see Jango has arrived home. He collects his money from his boss, Rozatta, or Ross. Ross also tells Jango that a transmission came for him. It was from Count Dooku, informing him that he was one of the few bounty hunters selected on a hunt. The reward was 5 million republic credits. The prey was Komari Vosa, the leader of the Bando Gora. Jango accepts the offer, despite Rosses warnings not to, as she knows how dangerous the Bando Gora are. She also suspects Montross may be invloved. Montross does, in fact, receive the same transmission.

    Jango's first target is Coruscant. Ross gives information about Jevis Gloom, a wanted death stick dealer. Jango decides to try and collect this bounty, while also interrogating him for information on the Bando Gora. Jango lands in the entertainment distract. Gloom's thugs are aware of his presence and slowly start to attack Jango. Jango locates Gloom, but he escapes. He finally tracks him down to a bar. After Jango pulls a gun on the bartender, he forces him to bring down the elevater where Gloom is hiding. He captures gloom and depends info in the Bando Gora. He directs him to his boss, Groff Haugg. He even allows Jango to use his speeder to get to him.

    Jango lands in the facility. He is not initially discovered because the ship is Gloom's, but Jango soon opens fire on the armed workers and creates chaos. Along the way, Jango finds death sticks, but suspects that they are not actually death sticks. He asks Ross to test them in which she finds that the deathsticks are much different, and take control of the person's mind. These are used to convert people to the Bando Gora. He locates Hogg, dead. Montross gets to him first. This is first meeting of Jango and Montross in the game. After a battle, Montross escapes. After looking at recent transmissions, he finds that Senetor Trell has been dealing with Hogg. That is his next target.

    As a bounty hunter, Jango Fett is tasked with capturing various crooks.
    As a bounty hunter, Jango Fett is tasked with capturing various crooks.

    The senetor is located in the Upper City. Jango fights his way through Republic security, and finally gets to the senetor. After interigation, he learns that the death sticks were aquired from a dug named Subolto. His interigations are cut short, when a republic ship locates Jango, and orders him to release the senetor in which Jango throws the senetor off the muli-story building. Jango eventually destorys the ship and makes his escape. Jango learns that Sebolto has posted a a bounty on one Bendix Fust. Jango plans to capture Fust, and bring him to Sobolto as a gift, and then try and get into from him. Fex is located in an astroid prison. Jango enters the facility by disguising himself as an astroid.

    He fights his way through the facility, and gets to Fest. However, another bounty hunter, Zam Wessal, captures him first. All of the cell doors are opened, and a riot occurs. For some reason, the prisoners target Jango as he fights his way through the prison. Zam plans to steal Jangos ship, however it is destroyed. Zam and Jango are forced to work together to steal one of the ships. Jango destorys the shield generator and steals one of the Firspray prototypes with Zam and Fest onboard. He later renames the ship, Slave 1. He also destorys the prison by firing missils.

    Jango allows Zam to accompany him in the hunt. They plan to drop Jango off at the surface, where he fights his way through the jungle. Zam visits Sobolto and convinces him to let her stay. Eventually, Jango meets up with Zam in the lowers village. She mensions a secret passage as they set off together. Jango finds out that the the Bando Gora are dealing with the hutts. They also meet the Bando Gora for the first time, killing them. Sobolto is chased into the death stick factory. Upon entering, Jango sees Sobolto fall deep into the facility, where he boiled alive.

    After this, Jango travels to Tatooine to visit the hutts. A faction war is going on between Jabba and Gardulla the Hutts. Ross suggests that they should presnet a gift to one of the hutts in order to find out which one is working with the Bando Gora. Longo Two-Guns is wanted by Jabba, and is their selection for a gift. Gardulla is more of a reculse. The heat causes Jango's jet pack to malfunction, so he has to leave it behind.. Two-Guns is located in a speeder hanger where he is capturedd by Jango. Jabba says that Gardulla houses the Bando Gora in her lair, which is Jango's next target.

    Upon landing on a cliffside, Jango contacts Zam. She informs him that she isn't sure if she can get inside the palace. She is heard struggling with someone as her transmission is cut off. Jango fights his way through the canyon. Jango finds Zam who can't be released as it would alert the guards. Zam thinks he is just leaving her for dead so he won't have to deal with her. She yells for the guards, and Jango is captured. Gardulla captures Jango and puts him in a pit with a krayt dragon. He escapes the dragon and finds his equipment. Later, he kills the dragon. He leaves Zam behind as he escapes.

    Jango learns that Montross has attacked Jango's home and his left Ross for dead. He swears to kill Montross and tries to save Ross. Ross says that detenators have been set in the facility and warns him to get off and leave her there. She dies in the explosion. Before she dies, however, she gives him the location of the Bando Gora. He lands there and finds Montross, and fights him. He kills Montross and sets to kill Vosa also. He is captured by Vosa while fighting his way through however. Jango is torchured and is demanded answers of who hired him by Vosa. Zam arrives on the scene, who somehow escaped the hutt and followed Jango. She draws her blaster and begins to fire at Vosa, who deflects the bullets with her dual, curved lightsabers. One of the deflected shots hits her in arm, however she manages to free Jango by shooting the chains. Jango picks up with blasters and chases her back deeper into the palace.

    Jango fights with Vosa, avoiding her lightsabers. Eventually, after a long hard battle, he shoots Vosa down, severly wounded. Jango decides wether he wants to turn her in dead or alive before Count Dooku interupts him by force choking Vosa, killing her. Count keeps his promise to give Jango 5 million credits, while also offering him something else. He requests that Jango be the the clone model for a huge army. Jango agrees, but under one condition. He must have the first clone unaltered for himself. After brief questioning, Dooku agrees. The game ends with Jango carrying a wounded Zam torwards his ship. She asks Jango if the money will be split in which Jango answers, "Don't try your luck."

    Alternate ending:

    There are two alternate endings. The first happens if Montross defeats Jango in their final battle. Montross looks at Jango's body and says, "Save a spot for me in hell." The second occurs if Vosa defeats Jango. She leaps unto Jango's shoulders and decapitates him, similar to the way he dies in the movie.


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