Star Wars: Cantina

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    Serve Jawas, Bounty Hunters and Stormtroopers in the Mos Entha cantina.

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    Serve Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Jawas, Wunda The Hutt and Stromtroopers in the Mos Entha cantina for 15 consecutive days to earn money. Star Wars: Cantina is a Diner Dash clone set in the Star Wars universe.


    Set in the Star Wars universe, you play as Nia Adea who visits an old friend in Mos Entha spaceport on Tatooine. The old friend, Robb is the owner of the Mos Entha cantina and owes money to the loan shark Varak'Cha. The payment has to be made in 15 days, or else Robb will suffer the consequences.


    • Single player game
    • Tutorial
    • Two game modes( Career mode with 15 days/levels & time-based Endless Shift)
    • Unlockable upgrades



    You have to serve different types of patrons in the cantina (Jawas, Moisture Farmers, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Thugs, Stormtroopers & Wunda The Hutt) by assigning them to tables, take their orders, get the drinks from the bar, serve the appropriate drinks to the right customers, get paid & clean tables.
    Assigning tables is automatic, getting drinks, cleaning tables, etc. is done by tapping the appropriate area on the screen (bar, sink, tables). The customer interaction is done via little speech bubbles above their heads containing: an exclamation mark that signifies an order, orders are tiny colored glasses and money means the customers wants to pay and leave.

    If patrons are served the wrong drinks, or left to wait for too long they get upset and react in different ways. This depends on the type of patron, as each has a different behaviour, e.g. Jawas are patient but may steal your tips, Smugglers are impatient but pay generous tips, Wunda orders a lot but doesn’t pay, etc.
    Play until the daily monetary goal is reached. If the goal is not met you have to retry the day to advance. On day 1 the cantina starts out with three tables, but after a successful day you get upgrades, e.g. more tables, environmental upgrades that modify the customer stats, robots pouring the drinks faster, etc. Play for 15 days to complete the career mode, or choose Endless Shift mode which is time based.


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