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Still a 2½D Classic 0

 I've said this before but Dark Forces is probably my favorite Doom clone. It brought the Star Wars universe with all its diverse locations and creatures into a two-and-a-half dimensional game with an engine capable of faking 3D environments and set pieces. It didn't and still doesn't get near enough respect. Let's get the negatives out the way first. Though there are 10 weapons, nearly all of them fall into two categories; repeating lasers and explosives more likely to blow yourself up rather t...

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More Then Just a Doom Clone 0

A new chapter has started in the Star Wars Universe with the purchase of LucasArts with Disney and the Gaming licences going to Electronic Arts, creating new games and franchises to be set up in a universe that goes hand and hand with gaming but I want to look at some of the gems of past and give my thought on them. Recently I came across Dark Forces during the Star Wars sale on Steam, and for the price of a $1.30 I couldn't say no to a new adventure. Coming out in 1995 and during the beginning ...

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