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Star Wars: DroidWorks is a action/educational video game set in an unspecific time in the Star Wars universe. You play as a rebel spy disguised as a Jawa sent to combat the evil Droid army currently in production. In order to fight said army you must complete a number of missions using a Droid workshop equipped with a plethora of parts that have varying attributes. Using the components you have, each mission challenges you to create a Droid that can preform the requested tasks. At the end of each mission you are rewarded with an additional Droid part to add to your library which may also be needed to help complete other missions. 
In order to reach the evil Droid factory the player must trawl through 8 missions, each with 3 levels of difficulty. Each mission will have a variety of task-specific requirements, which can include; weight, traction and magnetism, amongst many others. As you complete each level of difficulty in the mission you will rank from Apprentice, to Designer, and finally to Master. In addition to the Droid workshop, the Republic send popular Star Wars characters C-3PO and R2-D2 to assist you by providing context sensitive help. As this is an educational video game, an interactive 'Index' is integrated that provides details on the principles behind the puzzles you need to solve.   

Droid Workshop

The main element of Star Wars: DroidWorks is the sandbox workshop you use to create the Droid you later play in each of the missions you take on. In order to create a working Droid it requires 5 different types of part and an unspecific amount of battery power. The different types of components are: 
  • Head
  • Arms
  • Torso
  • Legs
  • Hands
The player is able to create two different types of Droid; this is done by flicking the switch just below the parts panel. This toggles the creation mode from either Droid with Treads/Wheels or Droid with legs. 
As this is a licensed Star Wars game the player is free to rip off Droids from all over the Star Wars universe (including both C-3PO & R2-D2). However, these Droid designs are often of little functionality and usually preform badly in missions. 

Training Room

The player is also provided with a 'Training Room' which can be used to test any Droid that are built. This training room features many challenges that the player will face in real missions. These can include simple jumping and light sensor testing all the way to dealing with heavy objects as well as levers & pulleys. 

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