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This game is a pure classic

Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles was the very first game I ever got, this game began my entire gaming "career". The graphics are relatively medicore, but the gameplay itself is very fun, abilities and other upgrades are earned after every stage or level. The multiplayer allows two players to play through the ten levels together, and is pretty good, although the camera views and controls can get very strange when two palyers are farther away from each other. There were a total of ten levels in the game, and exactly five characters to play as. The levels were rather long, I would have prefered slightly shorter levels, but more of them. The game itself is relatively short, but each character has a different fighting style, making some situations easier to come by, and others a little harder. Each game experience is relatively varied depending on character, the environments are varied and very diverse, but mainly vast, and even close to boundless. The game, as a whole was fun, some camera control issues and low graphic quality were some small issues. But the game itself intertwined with the movie series very well.

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