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An engaging, satisfying, yet not too challenging "must play" game

After about 22-24 hours of game play, I just wrapped up Fallen Order and I can't recommend the game strongly enough. The combat feels good with only a few moments of immense frustration on standard difficulty. The story was thrilling, and I enjoyed each of the story beats, as well as some surprise cameos. The game definitely has a "souls-like" feel to it, and there are Jedi-style-pyres for saving progress, but the joke "Dark Souls for babies" is apt, and I appreciate it being that approachable.

If you've listened to the crew talk about the game, you'll hear some problems with performance, and even on a decent PC (1070, i5 6600k, SSD), the hitching is real. I never had it interfere with crucial moments, and was usually during transitions between different locations on a planet. If I noticed a little bit, I just stopped moving for 5-10 seconds, and then went on without a problem.

Strongly recommend the game, you won't be disappointed.

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