does anyone know where i can download jedi knight 2: jed outcast?

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#1 Posted by Xeros606 (577 posts) -

i cant find it on steam or direct2drive.

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#2 Posted by chepito (3 posts) -

Lucasarts hasn't allowed any of their games to be available for digital download unfortunately. :(

Your best bet is eBay. I just did a search and found it for under 4 dollars.

Although I'm hopeful that GoG will get the rights eventually, as they've stated that getting access to the Lucasarts library is one of the their main goals.

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Bit torent?illegal but whatever.

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#4 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2834 posts) -

jBigBoss1911 said:

"Bit torent?illegal but whatever."

I mean if you want to you could but im not encouraging you.Why dont you just buy the full copy?


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#5 Edited by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Ebay or D2D

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#6 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Endorsement of piracy is not allowed here I believe BigBoss

And you should try eBay

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#7 Posted by Kenzo287 (798 posts) -

Star Wars Best of PC game has it and KOTOR and Empire at War, and Battlefront, and Republic Commando

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#8 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1452 posts) -

no but have you played jedi academy. too much fun that game

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#9 Posted by unclejohnny79 (689 posts) -

what ever you do dont pirate it...

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