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KOTOR II is a perfect example of how an rpg is supposed to feel. 0

 KOTOR II is my personal favorite star wars based game and one of the best rpgs that I have played.Gameplay:Customization is great thanks to the effects the large amount of decisions, powers, and equipment contained in the game. The use of the pause button and easy to use options during battle, make it a very aprochable and fun rpg. I could really go on and on about how great the gameplay is in KOTOR II is, but there is something i have to say instead. The game should have been tested a bit more...

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The Disaster Strikes Back. 1

As a huge fan of Bioware and the first KOTOR, I went into KOTOR II with admittedly large expectations, judging from the franchise, Obsidian's reputation and the generally sterling reviews. But a huge surprise to me -- this is a review of the first 10 hours of KOTOR II: The Sith Lords because, honestly, I couldn't bring myself to play any more without the urge to strangle myself with my keyboard cord.The most glaring pain here is the pacing. Obsidian clearly designed a deliberately SLOOOOOW game ...

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Knights of the old republic II: The sith lords. 0

Kotor II: the sith lords is the sequel to biowares award winning RPG set in the star wars universe. Now I haven't finished the first one but I can tell you that this sequel is very good, maybe not better then the first but still good. The best thing about Kotor II is the character building, from leveling up to getting new gear and choosing between the Light and Dark sides of the force it's easy to get immersed. The story is also pretty good, though it is kind of predictable, it centers around yo...

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Dissapointing sequel 0

What? Another Star Wars game? The sequel to a game released just last year? Yes, you heard right, Knights of the is back and expectations are high, as games don’t get the ‘Game of the Year’ award just for nothing. So yes, it has been only a year since the release of the original KOTOR game that delighted RPG and Star Wars fans. Does that mean however that this is just a cheap cash-in from the original game’s success, perhaps even taking influence from such games as The Sims, and EA’s other fran...

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Knights of the Republic 2 - The Deconstruction of a Beloved Mythology 0

I'm a guy who loves his Star Wars.I'm also a guy that -as he grew older- became increasingly saddened that not a lot of Star Wars content matured and grew with me.Ultimately Star Wars is a family product, its meant to be enjoyed, collected and discussed between all ages and that is perfectly acceptable! My problem is that I cant help but feel that as a result of trying to make something for all ages a lot of Star Wars has sacrificed telling a complex and meaningful story. I'm not talking about s...

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Incredible game, too bad it was rushed. 0

Although Lucas Arts rushed the game out, the story is still very well done. While the game is not flawless, it is an incredibly deep and engaging story, with lots of loot, and ways to upgrade items, and characters. Allowing the interaction with the characters to allow you to train Jedi with certain charcters makes the relationships even more interesting.The backstory in the game is amazingly well done. The game has several issues, namely that the ending is cut, but even with that, the game is in...

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A great adventure for those that enjoyed the first game 0

It's been awhile since I finished the first one but this game felt like more of the same both good and bad.It's funny that this ui would be acceptable not so long ago, maybe it would have been better with a controller, but cycling through all the powers was grating on me towards the end.I did play on pc with both The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod and M4-78, no bugs, maybe still more difficult to get it to run than it should be but not the same kinds of difficult problems I had with KotOR.I li...

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I finally broke down! 0

I held out on buying Knights of the Old Republic 2 for a while, because I'm somewhat of a Bioware "fanboy", and didn't think that any other game company could develope a game that would live up to the original.  I was wrong.  This game actually surpasses the original in several ways.  However, I'm not saything that Bioware couldn't have done better if they had made KOTOR 2.  I know people encountered bugs in this game,  but I really didn't have that much trouble with them, there were occasional ...

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A worthy successor to one of the best RPG experiences 1

Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords  Knights of the old republic 2 (or simply KOTOR 2) is the sequel to bioware's Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel. While taking place after the first game, KOTOR 2's story doesnt demand you to have played the first game to understand whats going on. KOTOR 2 unlike the original is developed by Obsidian insteas of Bioware.  The developer may have have changed but the game certainly hasn't. KOTOR 2 is a worthy sequel in any way possible. But in te...

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KOTOR II lacks the originality and polish of the original. 0

The original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was a landmark RPG for the Xbox and a remarkable game in pretty much every way possible.  KOTOR applied Bioware's proven RPG chops to the exciting mythos of the "galaxy far, far away" and gave the rabid Star Wars fan base a game that was worthy of the franchise's name. It certainly wasn’t surprising that LucasArts would want to capitalize on that success by releasing a sequel quickly. A scant one year after KOTOR hit shelves, fledgling studio O...

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A great Star Wars game that could have been much better. 0

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords is a game that sounds great on paper, and could be interpreted into a very great game, if done right, and done expertly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The game is plagued with segments full of boring fetch quests, meh environments, and horrible glitches. When these are not happening, the game is superb. And as you can tell from my score, the positive moments outnumber the negative moments, but not to the point where the game could b...

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God damn it. 0

Knights of the Old Republic is a rushed damn game. Comparisons with games coming out today are pointless - it would not have gotten at all the same review score and thus have sold at all as much if it came out today, and perharps DLC would have filled in whatever gaps the EA of today would have allowed Obsidian to launch it with - but the amount of cut content and the pure mess it leaves the last two thirds of the game is more extensive than any mess of a major game released since. It's not good...

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