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A great adventure for those that enjoyed the first game

It's been awhile since I finished the first one but this game felt like more of the same both good and bad.

It's funny that this ui would be acceptable not so long ago, maybe it would have been better with a controller, but cycling through all the powers was grating on me towards the end.

I did play on pc with both The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod and M4-78, no bugs, maybe still more difficult to get it to run than it should be but not the same kinds of difficult problems I had with KotOR.

I liked the story, but the characters were not as good as the first game. going back to some of the areas from KotOR was a highlight, I wish they had more cameos or returning characters from the first.

Jedi are really overpowered, to the point I couldn't get much done without one in my party. The game was appropriately difficult, there were some spots I died, but I didn't have any screaming fuck moments like some of the bosses from the first game.

Good villains, good adventure, a great companion to those that enjoyed the first game.

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